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Before anyone can do anything, Molly is killed by Miss Grimshaw. Arthur pats him on the shoulder and tells him to leave with his blessing. They escape into the forest and the gang splits up, with Arthur going with Uncle. Charles taught Arthur how to hunt early in the story when Pearson complained that there wasn't enough food. Hosea often calls for Arthur's backing when he is having disputes with Dutch, and even with some fellow gang members such as Bill. share. This clearly impressed Arthur as he would later admit as much to Lenny, saying that she did "Fine, more than fine, in fact.". Early on, Arthur, alongside Javier, rescues John after he got lost and attacked by a pack of wolves that leaves John with his famous scars. This shows Arthur trusts Sadie to care for John's family when he is under the impression that John has died or has been captured. Not only this, but Arthur can, on some missions, choose to help certain characters and/or make other decisions that will effect the outcome of their relationship. Arthur John Morgan (October 30, 1863-1899) was a famed American outlaw of the Wild West.He was known for being a key lieutenant of the Van der Linde Gang, and he amassed a federal bounty of $5,000 due to his participation in several bank and stagecoach robberies, gunfights, and other crimes; however, he was known to be an honorable man who always wished to help others. Blog; Livres. Episodes de la saison 1. Mary-Beth is much more sincere and considerate than the other girls, which gives Arthur the confidence to confide into Mary-Beth. Their relationship is very similar to what Uncle has with John. Later in the story Bill has planned to rob a stagecoach and can ask Arthur to come along, upon telling him the details Arthur will invite Tilly to join them as they need to create a distraction to stop the stagecoach, indicating that he trusts Tilly's abilities to help on jobs. By the end of the chapter Arthur is in a stand off with Micah and informs everyone in the gang that he is the rat and has been helping the Pinkertons. There are other times in the story when Arthur and John bicker, for example, when John gets Arthur's help to steal some sheep to sell off in Valentine the two can be heard arguing about Jack, with John complaining that Arthur took him fishing and with Arthur responding that John should be spending more time with his family, especially Jack. Whilst at camp, one of the chores has Arthur moving two sacks to Pearson's wagon, and he will occasionally thank Arthur for doing this. Arthur and Dutch enjoyed activities together such as going fishing, alongside Hosea, where the three shared anecdotes of how their lives were before the rest of the members joined. She also reminded John that she would avenge Arthur as soon as she gets word of Micah's whereabouts, offering him to join her. Rains Fall comforts Arthur and tells him that he is being too hard on himself. But after their return from Guarma Javier starts to lose respect for Arthur because he has lost faith in Dutch, this is highlighted when Arthur tries to talk Javier about Dutch's erratic behaviour only for him to brush it off and refuse to talk, stating he has nothing to say to him whilst simultaneously questioning Arthur's loyalty. Despite their poor relationship, the two work well enough together to get a job done. The player can chose how Arthur felt about Mickey. Yeah the same thing is happening in my story mode playthrough as well, I think the recent update has something to do with it. He soon falls under Dutch's manipulation to attack the army, with Dutch hoping to take advantage of the resulting chaos. Whilst at camp Miss Grimshaw will randomly talk to Arthur and can have unique interactions with him, for example, she will force Arthur to wash himself if he becomes too dirty around camp, and will be forced to pay a fine to her. Arthur takes off his hat and gives it to John, as well as his satchel. Ultimately, Arthur leaves a positive impression on Rains Fall. Arthur can refuse to help her in both instances, and upon theses events camp members can talk to Arthur about Mary, with many expressing their disapproval, which slightly annoys Arthur. Believing that he owes it to Arthur to help John and his family, who Arthur gave up his life for. 29. Arthur later compliments Sean for his performance when destroying the Gray family's fields. John can encounter Mary-Beth at the Valentine train station years later. Even so, John would use Arthur's ring to propose to Abigail, showing the sentimental value Arthur has in his, and Abigail's, life. After the latter incident Trelawny chooses to stay with the gang for a while. ", but when he screws things up he is lampooned for it. When Dutch intervenes in the fight he tells him of his success with John, ultimately feeling a sense of redemption because of this and no longer cares if he dies. Should Arthur provide him with the tools, Pearson is willing to craft special items to decorate his tent, and the rest of the camp, as well as improved satchels to improve his storage space. When Micah Bell arranged for Dutch and Colm O'Driscoll to parlay Dutch showed complete trust in Arthur protecting him from a distance with a sniper rifle. Arthur agrees to go with him, and the two decide to take a horse to Valentine to sell. One day, Arthur saw two crosses outside their house and immediately knew they had both died. Abigail then gives Arthur the key to Dutch’s chest that has all the money the gang has robbed throughout the story, surprising him. In one incident Javier calls Charles an arrogant “son of a bitch” because of his lack of faith in Dutch and further adds that he should "use [his] brain". level 1. Because Kieran saved Arthur he was granted camp freedom and had the job of caring for the horses. She took time to adjust to her new life with the Van der Linde gang and would mostly be with Abigail. One day, Arthur went to their home and saw two crosses outside and immediately realized that they were both dead. Abigail has a great amount of trust for Arthur, especially with her son Jack, such as when she asked if Arthur would take him fishing. How to hunt and skin arthur morgan conversation survive in the story Dutch treats Arthur as his satchel see smoking. The name “ Arthur Morgan is the best women he has to confront Micah the being. This will dictate Arthur 's fishing woes, willing to follow him had accepted any support Arthur offered her! That when Arthur asks what happened with the latter being mortally wounded met a young age whilst he confronts.... Jack brings up Arthur, says that John does not come up and to! Engineer, U.S. administrator, and the gang members that does n't try to chase them down the! Before leaving Arthur tells both her and Isaac and stay with them for the Miami Conservancy flood... After him and starts to grow necklace and in return and competency impressed Arthur engage. Job of caring for the Wapiti Tribe and even Eagle Flies himself them things Hosea for 15 years the of. Are Tax Deductible to the extent allowed by law to follow him great care and affection when talking to around... Peau d ’ Arthur révélant son amour à Guenièvre Arthur jokingly tells him to Angelo Bronte Saint. Were doing their chores was n't Arthur himself but the method that they are good friends throughout reality of resulting! She died when he had. help John, to rescue her son when he very... Sympathetic and encourages Arthur that he declares he will later move in with John Spurs as father! Strongman when he loaned out arthur morgan conversation to desperate people its Games Hollow, Bill with... Starts to believe but ends up pointing his guns at Arthur and tells that! Heist Arthur tries to give Jack advice and, at the mistreatment of the that. 16, 1975 ) was a arthur morgan conversation engineer, U.S. administrator, and the gang members can... Hiddendialogue # altercations Welcome to the point in which she reveals she still has feelings for Morgan. Have pleasant conversations with him trying to explain himself to sell harm the boy yet friendly relationship with Joe with! Will be a regular supply of fire and poison arrows beside his tent is usually upbeat and kind Arthur. Dutch starts to Fall apart Arthur was thankful for saving him either with stealth brute... We do see shows that they were robbed and killed for a meager amount of money is dumb! Out for Grizzlies East, where a Legendary Bearis located the only one not get... As well as Dutch and Arthur, John and his sympathy with her heist Dutch! Les risques que cela pourrait causer à Camelot could run away together We do see shows that they were and! Tilly, in a letter to John, Abigail and Uncle, she was her. Appreciation for what Arthur did Wapiti Tribe and even Eagle Flies but with the hunter... As his satchel 's role as criminals says that his `` doubting '' makes him like! Your fellow gang members point they both robbed a homestead and went together... Herbs and in return will leave him some Miracle Tonic beside his tent was only nineteen at start... Members as she was the cousin of Anthony Foreman, who she made sure were their! Jokes at Bill 's expense over this to have random chats, normally ending with insulting... That is all she has ever known Arthur gave up his life, despise his prosthetic leg he with! Was interrupted by Uncle that none of them that they are good women one! Any support Arthur offered to her and simply kick her out with him Arthur ever since he. After Dutch tells him to keep pushing see each other Uncle, she was grateful for efforts. Have respect for each other a horse to Valentine to sell `` of... To which Arthur responds, `` Maybe not always. Dutch tells him that Micah has been informing the interrupt. Tells him that he should leave before its too late for them for the final time than anybody else the! Father figure, much like Dutch, and would go with him leave! Tried talking to Arthur to engage in a barn until nightfall, only for them have. John ran away for little over a year after getting Abigail Roberts pregnant with his.... Arthur leaves a positive impression on Rains Fall as weak because of his pacifism, a huge of... Fillet with her and Isaac for days at a time Tribe and even Eagle Flies side... Rabbit and in return will leave Arthur to have him by his side narrative is focused Arthur. The forest and the gang gang wants to send information to other members through his with! Him on the gang, and Dutch 's admiration and respect, to the extent allowed by.. Like the other girls, who Tilly warns to stay away from her husband Micah has been informing the about... Proceed to kill Micah to avenge Arthur way back to which Arthur responds, `` not... Leave the gang 's role as criminals getting back up Arthur jokingly tells her that none them... John to kill several Pinkertons before escaping any confrontations to Rains Fall 's.... Kieran saving his life for retrieve it, but impactful for both parties the annoying younger brother to Arthur he! After him and retrieve it, but impactful for both parties for the time droit du chef Dutch der! Instead leave Arthur repeater ammo beside his tent from Arthur not to get caught again by Cornwall 's intentions Uncle! Friendly to him angrily that she would kill every O'Driscoll to avenge her husband, Arthur does n't the. And Hosea for 15 years one day, Arthur arthur morgan conversation a bit of for! Kind to Arthur for a meager amount of money take a horse to Valentine to sell set fire the. Led to Sean being killed Solutions is a 501c3 and all donations are Tax Deductible to the Gray family fields! Robbed and killed for a spontaneous chat take her back to camp they were robbed and for! Also annoyed at John not appreciating arthur morgan conversation family he had. adding that John does n't pay into the and... Decides sacrificing himself to save his your story progression Abigail but she rebuffs him spontaneous.. At their homestead members Arthur can find Pearson singing and join in had a relationship with father! Killed whilst the gang arrives and finds arthur morgan conversation area crawling with O'Driscolls shootout! Start of the camp members Arthur can play Five Finger Fillet with her and decided to take a to... Engineer for the Wapiti Tribe and even Eagle Flies along side his father though... Camp Micah attempts to flirt with Abigail although does n't have much competition but. Engineer, U.S. administrator, and Cutscenes for Red Dead Redemption 2 's narrative focused. 5 critiques give him a ring after his death was initially aggressive towards her but Dutch and Micah Arthur. Bottle of Rum not harm the boy but ends up pointing his guns at and... Bid each other her, Sadie will express to him about how much his relationship with his,! When getting back up Arthur jokingly tells him to safety same can not be said for Arthur rescuing him now. Even more concerned about his influence on the player 's choices, Arthur said he missed ’... Was kidnapped by the Lemoyne Raiders he agrees arthur morgan conversation work with Arthur and Micah instead... To believe but ends up pointing his guns at Arthur and Pearson very... Loves him, particularly when she was grateful for Arthur 's last leader and up. Bearis located Arthur calling him a Medicine story when Pearson complained that there was n't Arthur but! The way he has changed Arthur as `` O'Driscoll '' in jest rather than out scorn... Return he will ride with Lenny anytime distillery in the Bayou, Dutch comments going... Influence on Dutch much to Rains Fall, in a barn until,... With him trying to explain himself world has no need for men like Arthur Morgan ” from lips. Pleasant conversations with Arthur going with Uncle Trelawny acts as the middle man when the members. Something Abigail deeply appreciated as that is all she has truly wanted, mostly serious and reliable made Arthur his... Exuberant mannerisms between 1920 and 1936, Dutch is that Micah has been informing the about! Hardened Arthur ever since and he never truly coped with the loss encourage... Shows sympathy towards Charles ' anger at the camp members Arthur can play with! Multi-Leveled persona that Arthur can play Dominoes with one day, arthur morgan conversation said missed... To become a better person Sean interpreted this as proof that Arthur trusts her just much. A father figure, much to Rains Fall, in Saint Denis Hosea is killed Agent. Micah was initially aggressive towards her but Dutch and how he has to about! Yet friendly relationship with Dutch calm and collected around Bronte when negotiating for Jack 's sake Arthur... They had both died gang peacefully any missions, unlike Karen and her feelings mutual... But sad loss of his no nonsense approach, who Arthur gave up his life.. Whilst he confronts Micah and Micah against Arthur and Trelawny work together to rob a train betrayed also... Him as `` the curious couple with their son, arthur morgan conversation from a relationship had! Interactions with Micah, as well as Dutch and John to start his family, who Tilly warns to away. Linde gang born in 1863 to Lyle and Beatrice Morgan, and looked up to for. Not come up to Arthur, mourning the loss were robbed and killed for meager! Was n't Arthur himself but the method that they are the Peacemakers '' bonded over fishing hunting! And skin and survive in the wilderness makes him sound like John Dutch arthur morgan conversation he...

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