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In 1934, Congress passed 28 U.S. Code § 2072--also called the the Rules Enabling … Civil Procedure Rules 2000 [Amendments to Nov 2015] Civil Procedure (Amendment) Rules 2014 ECSC Civil Procedure (Amendment) (No.2) Rules Civil Procedure Rules 2000 [Amendments to May 2014] Civil … You may also experience some issues with your browser, such as an alert box that a script is taking a long time to run. Jurisdiction of High Court to quash certain orders, schemes, etc. Rule 1.Application for receiver and injunction, RSC ORDER 31 SALES, ETC. The Schedules you have selected contains over 200 provisions and might take some time to download. Court may give judgment for … The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (pdf) (eff. Rule 9.Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993, Rule 10.Local Government Finance Act 1982, Rule 11.Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976, Rule 17.Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and Race Relations Act 1976, Rule 18B.Applications under section 19 of the Trade Marks Act 1994, Rule 19.Trade Union and Labour Relations Consolidation Act 1992. 2) 1935, and Sections 37 and 40 of the Courts of Justice (Supplementary Provisions) Law, Cap. Practice Direction 40A - Accounts & Inquiries, Practice Direction 40B - Judgments & Orders, Practice Direction 40E - Reserved Judgments, Practice Direction 40F - Non-disclosure injunctions information collection scheme, Practice Direction 41A - Provisional Damages, Practice Direction 41B - Periodical Payments under the Damages Act 1996, Practice Direction 44 – General Rules About Costs, Practice Direction 46 – Costs Special Cases, Part 47 - Procedure for Assessment of Costs and Default Provisions, Practice Direction 47 - Procedure for Detailed Assessment of Costs and Default Provisions, Part 48 - Part 2 of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012, elating to civil litigation funding and costs: transitional provision in relation to pre-commencement funding, Practice Direction 48 – Part 2 of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012, elating to civil litigation funding and costs: transitional provision and exceptions, Practice Direction 49A - Applications under the Companies Acts and Related Legislation, Practice Direction 49B - Order under Section 127 of the Insolvency Act 1986, Part 51 - Transitional Arrangements and Pilot Schemes, Practice Direction 51A - Transitional Arrangements, Practice Direction 51O - Electronic Working Pilot Scheme, Practice Direction 51P - Pilot for Insolvency Express Trials, Practice Direction 51R - Online Civil Money Claims Pilot, Practice Direction 51S – The County Court Online Pilot, Practice Direction 51U - Disclosure pilot for the Business and Property Courts, Practice Direction 51V - The video hearings pilot scheme, Practice Direction 51W - The capped costs list pilot scheme, Practice Direction 51X – New Statement of Costs for Summary Assessment Pilot, Practice Direction 51Y: Video or audio hearings during Coronavirus pandemic, Practice Direction 51Z: Stay of possession proceedings, Coronavirus, Practice Direction 51ZA – Extension of time limits and clarification of practice direction 51Y - Coronavirus, Practice Direction 52A - Appeals: General provisions, Practice Direction 52B - Appeals in the county courts and the High Court, Practice Direction 52C - Appeals to the Court of Appeal, Practice Direction 52D - Statutory appeals and appeals subject to special provision, Practice Direction 52E - Appeals by way of case stated, Part 53 - Media and Communications Claims, Practice Direction 53A: Transferring proceedings to and from the media and communications list, Practice Direction 53B: Media and communications claims, Part 54 - Judicial Review and Statutory Review, Practice Direction 54C - References by the Legal Services Commission, Practice Direction 54D - Administrative Court (Venue), Practice Direction 54E - Planning Court Claims, Practice Direction 55A - Possession Claims, Practice Direction 55B - Possession Claims Online, Practice Direction 55C – Coronavirus: temporary provision in relation to possession proceedings, Part 56 - Landlord and Tenant Claims and Miscellaneous Provisions about Land, Part 57 - Probate, Inheritance, Presumption of Death and guardianship of missing persons, Practice Direction 57B - Proceedings under the Presumption of Death Act 2013, Practice Direction 57C - Proceedings under the Guardianship (missing persons) Act 2017, Practice Direction 57AA – Business and Property Courts, Practice Direction 57AB –  Shorter and flexible trials schemes, Part 60 - Technology and Construction Court Claims, Practice Direction 64A - Estates, Trusts and Charities, Practice Direction 64B - Applications to the Court for Directions by Trustees in Relation to the Administration of the Trusts, Part 65 - Proceedings Relating to Anti-Social Behaviour and Harassment, Part 67 - Proceedings Relating to Solicitors, Part 68 - References to the European Court, Part 69 - Court's Power to Appoint a Receiver, Part 70 - General Rules about Enforcement of Judgments and Orders, Part 71 - Orders to Obtain Information from Judgment Debtors, Part 73 - Charging Orders, Stop Orders and Stop Notices, Part 74 - Enforcement of Judgments in Different Jurisdictions, Practice Direction 74A - Enforcement of Judgments in different Jurisdictions, Practice Direction 74B - European Enforcement Orders, Part 76 - Proceedings Under the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005, Part 77 - Provision in Support of Criminal Justice, Part 79 - Proceedings under the Counter - Terrorism Act 2008, Part 80 - Proceedings under the Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Act 2011, Part 81 - Applications and Proceedings in Relation to Contempt of Court, Part 83 Writs and Warrants – General Provisions, Practice Direction 83 Writs and Warrants – General Provisions, Part 84 Enforcement by taking control of goods, Practice Direction 84 Enforcement by taking control of goods, Part 85 Claims on Controlled Goods and Executed Goods, Part 86 Stakeholder Claims and Applications, Part 87 Applications for writ of habeas corpus, Part 88 Proceedings under the Counter-terrorism and Security Act 2015, Practice Direction - Pre-Action Conduct and Protocols, Practice direction relating to the use of of the Welsh language in cases in the civil courts in or having a connection with Wales (English and Welsh), Devolution Issues and Crown Office Applications in Wales (English), Devolution Issues and Crown Office Applications in Wales (Welsh), Application for a Warrant under The Competition Act 1998, Practice Direction - Civil Recovery Proceedings, Practice Direction - Application for a warrant under the Enterprise Act 2002, Practice Direction - Proceedings under Enactments Relating to Equality, Practice Direction - County Court Closures, Practice Direction - Solicitors’ negligence in right to buy cases, For citizen and business advice on justice, rights and more visit. We acknowledge the traditional owners of this land and pay respect to Elders, past, present and emerging. UNIFORM CIVIL PROCEDURE RULES 2005 - Made under the Civil Procedure Act 2005 - As at 9 October 2020 - Reg 418 of 2005 TABLE OF PROVISIONS PART 1 - PRELIMINARY Division 1 - General 1.1.Name of rules 1.2. Rule 9.Application to person carrying on business in another name. Part. Next. Order 1. Who may be joined as plaintiffs. THE CIVIL PROCEDURE ACT (Cap. OF LAND BY ORDER OF COURT: CONVEYANCING COUNSEL OF THE COURT, Rule 4.Mortgage, exchange or partition under order of the Court, Rule 5.Reference of matters to conveyancing counsel of Court, Rule 6.Objection to conveyancing counsel’s opinion, Rule 8.Obtaining counsel’s opinion on reference, RSC ORDER 44 PROCEEDINGS UNDER JUDGMENTS AND ORDERS: CHANCERY DIVISION, Rule 2.Service of notice of judgment on person not a party, Rule 5.Advertisements for creditors and other claimants, RSC ORDER 45 ENFORCEMENT OF JUDGMENTS AND ORDERS: GENERAL, Rule 1.Enforcement of judgment, etc., for payment of money, Rule 3.Enforcement of judgment for possession of land, Rule 4.Enforcement of judgment for delivery of goods, Rule 5.Enforcement of judgment to do or abstain from doing any act, Rule 6.Judgment, etc. Proof of title of holder of bearer debenture, etc. Part 47 - Procedure for Assessment of Costs and Default Provisions Practice Direction 47 - Procedure for Detailed Assessment of Costs and Default Provisions Part 48 - Part 2 of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012, elating to civil litigation funding and costs: transitional provision in relation to pre-commencement funding Part VI of the Criminal Justice Act 1988, Rule 23.Application of Part I of Order 115, III: Prevention of Terrorism (Temporary Provisions) Act 1989, Rule 31.Evidence in support of application, Rule 34.Application to vary or set aside registration, Rule 36.Variation and cancellation of registration, CCR ORDER 1 CITATION, APPLICATION AND INTERPRETATION, Rule 6.Application of RSC to county court proceedings, CCR ORDER 4 VENUE FOR BRINGING PROCEEDINGS, Rule 7.Representation of estate where no personal representative, Rule 9.Partners may sue and be sued in firm name, Rule 10.Defendant carrying on business in another name, Rule 12.Failure to proceed after death of party, Rule 13.Claim to money in court where change in parties after judgment, CCR ORDER 13 APPLICATIONS AND ORDERS IN THE COURSE OF PROCEEDINGS, Rule 7.Interpleader proceedings under execution, CCR ORDER 24 SUMMARY PROCEEDINGS FOR THE RECOVERY OF LAND, Rule 2.Witness statement or affidavit in support, Rule 4.Application by occupier to be made a party, Rule 9.Conditions for interim possession order application, Rule 11.Service of the notice of application, Rule 13.Service and enforcement of the interim possession order, Rule 14.Matters arising after making of an interim possession order, Rule 15.Application to set aside an interim possession order, CCR ORDER 25 ENFORCEMENT OF JUDGMENTS AND ORDERS: GENERAL, Rule 2.Transfer of proceedings for enforcement, Rule 4.Examination of debtor under judgment not for money, Rule 7.Recording and giving information as to warrants and orders, Rule 8.Suspension of judgment or execution, Rule 9.Enforcement of judgment or order against firm, Rule 10.Enforcing judgment between a firm and its members, Rule 11.Enforcement of High Court judgment, Rule 13.Transfer to High Court for enforcement, CCR ORDER 26 WARRANTS OF EXECUTION, DELIVERY AND POSSESSION, Rule 1.Application for warrant of execution, Rule 5.Permission to issue certain warrants, Rule 8.Bankruptcy or winding up of debtor, Rule 10.Withdrawal and suspension of warrant at creditor’s request, Rule 12.Inventory and notice where goods removed, Rule 14.Notification to foreign court of payment made, Rule 18.Saving for enforcement by committal, Rule 8.Failure by debtor—maintenance orders, Rule 11.Application to determine whether particular payments are earnings, Rule 13.Variation and discharge by court of own motion. Scope of Rule – One Form of Action. Family. Part 40 - Judgments, Orders, Sale of Land Etc. COMMENCING AN ACTION; SERVICE OF PROCESS, PLEADINGS, MOTIONS, AND ORDERS ... the provisions of section 34 of the sheriffs and Civil process Act and the Rules made under it … Rule 9.Bringing up prisoner to give evidence, etc. This is the English version of a bilingual regulation. SCOPE OF RULES; FORM OF ACTION Rule 1. Date of promulgation: 31 January 1964. P. 1. Rule 3.Application for order after leave to apply granted, Rule 4.Application to Court other than Divisional Court, Rule 5.Saving for power to commit without application for purpose, Rule 7.Power to suspend execution of committal order, RSC ORDER 53 APPLICATIONS FOR JUDICIAL REVIEW, Rule1.Cases appropriate for application for judicial review, Rule 3.Grant of leave to apply for judicial review, Rule 5.Mode of applying for judicial review. Rule 6.Order for sale otherwise than by auction. Find: Previous. Case stated by Magistrates' Court: filing case, etc. This website contains the forms required to engage with NSW courts and tribunals under the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules (UCPR). PRACTICE DIRECTION 57AB – SHORTER AND FLEXIBLE TRIALS SCHEMES, Part 2 - Application and Interpretation of the Rules, Practice Direction 2B - Allocation of Cases to Levels of Judiciary, Practice Direction 2C - Starting proceedings in the County Court, Practice Direction 2D - References in the Rules to actions done by the court, Practice Direction 2E – Jurisdiction of the county court that maybe be exercised by a legal adviser, Part 3 - The Court's Case Management Powers, Practice Direction 3A - Striking Out a Statement of Case, Practice Direction 3B - Sanctions for Non-Payment of Fees, Practice Direction 3C - Civil Restraint Orders, Practice Direction 3D - Mesothelioma Claims, Practice Direction 3G – Requests for the Appointment of an Advocate to the Court, Practice Direction 5B - Communication and Filing of Documents by e-mail, Practice Direction 6A - Service within the United Kingdom, Practice Direction 6B - Service out of the Jurisdiction, Part 7 - How to start Proceedings - The Claim Form, Practice Direction 7A - How to Start Proceedings, Practice Direction 7B - Consumer Credit Act 2006 - Unfair Relationships, Practice Direction 7C - Production Centre, Practice Direction 7D - Claims for the Recovery of Taxes and Duties, Practice Direction 7E - Money Claim Online, Part 8 - Alternative Procedure for Claims, Practice Direction 8A - Alternative Procedure for Claims, Practice Direction 8B - Pre-Action Protocol for Low Value Personal Injury Claims in Road Traffic Accidents - Stage 3 Procedure, Practice Direction 8C - Alternative Procedure for Statutory Review of Certain Planning Matters, Part 9 - Responding to Particulars of Claim - General, Part 11 - Disputing the Court's Jurisdiction, Part 13 - Setting Aside or Varying Default Judgment, Part 17 - Amendments to Statements of Case, Practice Direction 19A - Addition and Substitution of Parties, Practice Direction 19B - Group Litigation, Practice Direction 19C - Derivative Claims, Part 20 - Counterclaims and other Additional Claims, Part 23 - General Rules about Applications for Court Orders, Practice Direction 23B - Applications under particular statutes, Part 25 - Interim Remedies and Security for Costs, Practice Direction 25A - Interim Injunctions, Practice Direction 25B - Interim Payments, Part 26 - Case Management - Preliminary Stage, Practice Direction 27 - Small Claims Track, Part 31 - Disclosure and Inspection of Documents, Practice Direction 31A - Disclosure and Inspection, Practice Direction 31B - Disclosure of Electronic Documents, Practice Direction 31C - Disclosure and inspection in relation to competition claims, Part 33 - Miscellaneous Rules about Evidence, Practice Direction 33 - Civil Evidence Act, Part 34 - Witnesses, Depositions and Evidence for Foreign Courts, Practice Direction 34A - Depositions and Court Attendance by Witnesses, Practice Direction 34B - Fees for Examiners of the Court, Part 37 - Miscellaneous Provisions about Payments into Court, Part 39 - Miscellaneous Provisions Relating to Hearings. Rules of Civil Procedure Forms Electronic versions of forms under the Rules of Civil Procedure , R.R.O. 2.10.Meaning of “month” in judgments, etc. by or on behalf of child or patient, 21.11.Control of money recovered by or on behalf of child or patient, 21.12.Appointment of guardian of child’s estate, 22.1.Documents to be verified by a statement of truth, 22.2.Failure to verify a statement of case, 22.3.Failure to verify a witness statement, 22.4.Power of the court to require a document to be verified, PART 23 GENERAL RULES ABOUT APPLICATIONS FOR COURT ORDERS, 23.1.Meaning of “application notice” and “respondent”, 23.6.What an application notice must include, 23.7.Service of a copy of an application notice, 23.8.Applications which may be dealt with without a hearing, 23.9.Service of application where application made without notice, 23.10.Application to set aside or vary order made without notice, 23.11.Power of the court to proceed in the absence of a party, 24.3.Types of proceedings in which summary judgment is available, 24.5.Evidence for the purposes of a summary judgment hearing, 24.6.Court’s powers when it determines a summary judgment application, 25.2.Time when an order for an interim remedy may be made, 25.4.Application for an interim remedy where there is no related claim, 25.5.Inspection of property before commencement or against a non-party, 25.7.Interim payments—conditions to be satisfied and matters to be taken into account, 25.8.Powers of court where it has made an order for interim payment, 25.9.Restriction on disclosure of an interim payment, 25.10.Interim injunction to cease if claim is stayed, PART 26 CASE MANAGEMENT—PRELIMINARY STAGE, 26.4.Stay to allow for settlement of the case, 26.8.Matters relevant to allocation to a track, 27.3.Court’s power to grant a final remedy, 27.7.Power of court to add to, vary or revoke directions, 27.9.Non-attendance of parties at a final hearing, 27.11.Setting judgment aside and re-hearing, 27.15.Claim re-allocated from the small claims track to another track, 28.4.Variation of case management timetable, 28.6.Fixing or confirming the trial date and giving directions, 29.3.Case management conference and pre-trial review, 29.5.Variation of case management timetable, 29.8.Setting a trial timetable and fixing or confirming the trial date or week, 30.2.Transfer between county courts and within the High Court, 30.5.Transfer between Divisions and to and from a specialist list, 30.6.Power to specify place where hearings are to be held, 30.7.Transfer of control of money in court, PART 31 DISCLOSURE AND INSPECTION OF DOCUMENTS, 31.3.Right of inspection of a disclosed document, 31.5.Disclosure limited to standard disclosure, 31.6.Standard disclosure—what documents are to be disclosed, 31.8.Duty of disclosure limited to documents which are or have been in party’s control, 31.11.Duty of disclosure continues during proceedings. R. Civ. I. Share. 'G' Writ of civil imprisonment. Civil Procedure Rules: pre-Jackson/civil litigation reforms On 1 April 2013, the Jackson/civil litigation reforms came into force and made amendments to a number of the CPR. 7, the Mandamus Law, Cap.23, the Dealings Between Merchants and Farmers law, Cap. Download Original File: ULII is a member of the global Free Access to Law Movement and of the African LII community: Thumbnails Document Outline Attachments. Separate writs to enforce payment of costs, etc. CIVIL PROCEDURE CHAPTER 20. Definitions 1.3.References to barristers and solicitors 1.4.Saving as to discovery 1.5.Application of these rules 1.6.Exclusion of provisions of Civil Procedure Act 2005 1.7. Rule 2.Reference by Secretary of State of certain applications, RSC ORDER 97 THE LANDLORD AND TENANT ACTS 1927, 1954 AND 1987. Under the Commonwealth Documents Law the text of documents published in this title acquires no special status by reason of such publication. Receiver’s register evidence of transfers, etc. 5. CITATION. 1. Interpretation. I. Enforcement of Recommendations etc. RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE. 3. Rule 2.Appeal under section 222 of the Inheritance Tax Act 1984, Rule 3.Setting down case stated under Taxes Management Act 1970, Rule 4.Case stated: notice to be given of certain matters, Rule 5.Appeals under section 53 and 100C (4) of the Taxes Management Act 1970, Rule 5A.Appeals under section 56A of the Taxes Management Act 1970, section 225 of the Inheritance Tax Act 1984 and regulation 10 of the Stamp Duty Reserve Tax Regulations 1986, Rule 6.Appeals from value added tax tribunals, RSC ORDER 92 LODGMENT, INVESTMENT, ETC., OF FUNDS IN COURT: CHANCERY DIV ISION, Rule 1.Payment into court by life assurance company, Rule 2.Payment into court under Trustee Act 1925, Rule 3A.Payments into court under section 26, Banking Act 1987, Rule 5.Applications with respect to funds in court, RSC ORDER 93 APPLICATIONS AND APPEALS TO HIGH COURT UNDER VARIOUS ACTS: CHANCERY DIVISION, Rule1.Notice of petition under section 55 of National Debt Act 1870, Rule 2.Application under Public Trustee Act 1906, Rule 4.Proceedings under Trustee Act 1925, Rule 5.Application under section 2(3) of Public Order Act 1936, Rule 6.Application under Variation of Trusts Act 1958, Rule 9.Right of appeal under Law of Property Act, Rule 10.Determination of appeal or case stated under various Acts, Rule11.Appeal under section 17 of Industrial Assurance Act 1923. must be served with particulars of claim, 8.1.Types of claim in which Part 8 procedure may be followed, 8.4.Consequence of not filing an acknowledgment of service, 8.8.Procedure where defendant objects to use of the Part 8 procedure, PART 9 RESPONDING TO PARTICULARS OF CLAIM—GENERAL, 9.2.Defence, admission or acknowledgment of service, 10.2.Consequence of not filing an acknowledgment of service, 10.3.The period for filing an acknowledgment of service, 10.4.Notice to claimant that defendant has filed an acknowledgment of service, 10.5.Contents of acknowledgment of service, PART 11 DISPUTING THE COURT'S JURISDICTION, 11.Procedure for disputing the court’s jurisdiction, 12.2.Claims in which default judgment may not be obtained, 12.4.Procedure for obtaining default judgment, 12.5.Nature of judgment where default judgment obtained by filing a request, 12.7.Procedure for deciding an amount or value, 12.8.Claim against more than one defendant, 12.9.Procedure for obtaining a default judgment for costs only, 12.10.Default judgment obtained by making an application, 12.11.Supplementary provisions where applications for default judgment are made, PART 13 SETTING ASIDE OR VARYING DEFAULT JUDGMENT, 13.2.Cases where the court must set aside judgment entered under Part 12, 13.3.Cases where the court may set aside or vary judgment entered under Part 12, 13.4.Application to set aside or vary judgment—procedure, 13.5.Claimant’s duty to apply to set aside judgment, 13.6.Abandoned claim restored where default judgment set aside, 14.3.Admission by notice in writing—application for judgment, 14.4.Admission of whole of claim for specified amount of money, 14.5.Admission of part of a claim for a specified amount of money, 14.6.Admission of liability to pay whole of claim for unspecified amount of money, 14.7.Admission of liability to pay claim for unspecified amount of money where defendant offers a sum in satisfaction of the claim, 14.8.Allocation of claims in relation to outstanding matters, 14.11.Determination of rate of payment by court officer, 14.12.Determination of rate of payment by judge, 15.1.Part not to apply where claimant uses the Part 8 procedure, 15.5.Agreement extending the period for filing a defence, 15.9.No statement of case after a reply to be filed without court’s permission, 15.10.Claimant’s notice where defence is that money claimed has been paid, 15.11.Claim stayed if it is not defended or admitted, 16.1.Part not to apply where claimant uses Part 8 procedure, 16.3.Statement of value to be included in the claim form, 16.4.Contents of the particulars of claim, 16.8.Court’s power to dispense with statements of case, 17.2.Power of court to disallow amendments made without permission, 17.3.Amendments to statements of case with the permission of the court, 17.4.Amendments to statements of case after the end of a relevant limitation period, 18.2.Restriction on the use of further information, PART 19 ADDITION AND SUBSTITUTION OF PARTIES, 19.2.Provisions applicable where two or more persons are jointly entitled to a remedy, 19.3.Procedure for adding and substituting parties, 19.4.Special provisions about adding or substituting parties after the end of a relevant limitation period, PART 20 COUNTERCLAIMS AND OTHER ADDITIONAL CLAIMS, 20.3.Part 20 claim to be treated as a claim for the purposes of the Rules, 20.4.Defendant’s counterclaim against the claimant, 20.5.Counterclaim against a person other than the claimant, 20.6.Defendant’s claim for contribution or indemnity from co-defendant, 20.7.Procedure for making any other Part 20 claim, 20.9.Matters relevant to question of whether a Part 20 claim should be separate from main claim, 20.10.Effect of service of a Part 20 claim, 20.11.Special provisions relating to default judgment on a Part 20 claim other than a counterclaim or a contribution or indemnity notice, 20.12.Procedural steps on service of a Part 20 claim form on a non-party, 20.13.Case management where there is a defence to a Part 20 claim form, 21.2.Requirement for litigation friend in proceedings by or against children and patients, 21.3.Stage of proceedings at which a litigation friend becomes necessary, 21.4.Who may be a litigation friend without a court order, 21.5.How a person becomes a litigation friend without a court order, 21.6.How a person becomes a litigation friend by court order, 21.7.Court’s power to change litigation friend and to prevent person acting as litigation friend, 21.8.Appointment of litigation friend by court order—supplementary, 21.9.Procedure where appointment of litigation friend ceases, 21.10.Compromise etc. You may also experience some issues with your browser, such as an alert box that a script is taking a long time to run. Sections (§§) 101 - … Rules of Civil Procedure Forms Electronic versions of forms under the Rules of Civil Procedure , R.R.O. RULE 1 CITATION, APPLICATION AND INTERPRETATION. The legal realm is divided broadly into substantive and procedural law. Download Original File: ULII is a member of the global Free Access to Law Movement and of the African LII community: Thumbnails Document Outline Attachments. They replace the Rules of the Supreme Court 1965 and the County Court Rules 1981. The official Consolidated Civil Procedure Rules … Arkansas Rules of Civil Procedure. Rule 4.No expenses of execution in certain cases. Rule 4.Receiver’s register evidence of transfers, etc. Reciprocal Enforcement: the Civil Jurisdiction and Judgments Act 1982, Rule 26.Assignment of business and exercise of powers, Rule 28.Evidence in support of application, Rule 31.Register of judgments registered under s.4 of the Act of 1982, Rule 36.Enforcement of High Court judgments in other Contracting States, Rule 37.Enforcement of United Kingdom judgments in other parts of the United Kingdom: money provisions, Rule 38.Enforcement of United Kingdom judgments in other parts of the United Kingdom: non-money provisions, Rule 39.Register of United Kingdom judgments, Rule 39A.Authentic Instruments and Court Settlements, IV.

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