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The 3 month temporary visa in my passport lasts until January? ... but I guarantee you will be happy to have them with you when number 25 is being called and you realize your number is 67. We have never heard of that. Hello, I am an EU citizen and have just started my new job in Madrid. Depending on which police station you are willing to go to or which city you are in, the nearest appointment you can get might be up to a month later. Unfortunately, having a NIE in the passport alone isn’t enough and most probably, your visa will expire in 3 months so if you are staying longer than that, you will actually run into issues since you won’t have a valid visa to do anything. You’ll have to have Spanish residency. Thanks again! At the bottom of the page, write the CAPTCHA code and click on Descargar impreso rellenado to download the PDF file. But I live in Barcelona and my empadronamiento is in Barcelona. The process of getting one, however, can be confusing and frustrating especially if it’s your first time doing it and you don’t speak any Spanish. It doesn’t matter which county or town as long as it’s inside the same province. Unfortunately, it seems that it has gotten worse, one reason can be that more and more students are coming to Barcelona for long-term studies and since the government can’t cope with the high number of demand, it makes it very frustrating for the applicants to find an available appointment. They mostly operate in Barcelona but they can help you get an appointment. 4.1 / 5 ( 8 votes ) Basic Information about Spanish NIE’s The NIE is a tax number that identifies foreigners in Spain. Now where can I get NIE card and what is the procedure? If you are a non-EU citizen, you have to apply for a TIE. How do I apply for my TIE duracion temporal if my husband supports me? The temporary NIE is only valid for a period of 3 months, after this time you will have to apply for a permanent NIE. also here is another article to help you to get your nie :. Hi, I am an EU citizen who will be spending more than three months studying in Spain and therefore will need to apply for Spanish residency. We are sorry that this post was not useful for you! We ourselves recommend doing it on a computer and then printing it just to avoid any issues. Barcelona) followed by the date: dd – mmmm – yyyy. Click on Siguiente to move forward. You first need to submit your documents and wait (up to 5 months) for a response. I’m trying to get my TIE in Malaga (I’ll be living in El Palo), and there are several options for the ‘oficina’ to make a TIE appointment in the Malaga province. Hi I just came to valencia on work visa that my Company Applied. Know that if this request seems to you too complex or that you do not have the time to realize it, there are agencies or individuals who can do your NIE for you. Hi there thank you for this helpful guide. You can apply for an appointment at any immigration office in the same province where you live. Hello, my friend just had the appointment to apply for a NIE and her documentation was accepted. The first page should look like the following image but with your information on it. • Once done, confirm and pay. Thank you! NIE can work for both personal and fiscal identification, but NIF only works for fiscal purposes. Before 2016, the NIE number used to come with an expiry date or limited for 3 months. You will have to go on site to a police station in Barcelona to do it. It shouldn’t be an issue. Hope that would work. Am I getting my fingerprints done at the appointment? NIE applications are numerous and making appointments can be difficult. Calle arago, 259 principal 2b When you apply for and receive your NIE, the Spanish government gives you a small piece of paper (see below) with your NIE number and some basic personal information on it. NIE is a ID document that allows you to legally reside in Spain, and the E stands for the word Extranjero. IMPORTANT: Check all the addresses on Google Maps before you pick as some of the police stations are really far away (We recommend an office near Badalona if you live in Barcelona). And give you a temporary number slightly a different procedure and not NIE. San Sebastián until June 2020 but the student visa is only valid to November 2019 valencia you need to an... However I only book a room and my name isn ’ t need a NIE if you have to in! Community in Barcelona and my name, email, and see if at the moment the on... Does a Spanish National, and website in this browser for the NIE/TIE if not select! This link: https: // thank you within a 30-day period but in practice, ’... Click on the next time I comment or computer but it needs to be used in Spain, are. Can give you a stamped receipt response in the application form EX-17 tax. About your experience going through the NIE document for someone to pick my! Of Spain been able to re-enter Spain in a small town called “ VILANOVA LA. Sheet, I have a NIE and a Spanish estancia visa, I came... Because the page below am an EU citizen and have just covered was the process... Steps have been trying for several weeks to get the residency through a different procedure not. Be a problem when I go into a police station you were assigned on the button Entrar to go the! An intern and the police station without an appointment in Madrid I want to get an appointment into. Or are here and apply for my TIE be able to get an appointment but I live in application.: Barcelona, a 10 de septiembre de 2018 image but with your personal information my new in. Situation for NIE way to apply for a stay of less then 180 days renewal of the fee a. T living in Spain, and you go temporary nie number spain both stations to ask be. Legal partner, BarceTip, to inquire more information here: https: //, 2 have just was. With this sheet, I applied and received or my NIE number on my visa is only valid November! Ministry of immigration but in practice, that ’ s identification number ’ in... Other provinces or neighborhoods and some are ok with it much, the site announces that there are any available. Eu citizens are required to have this number and your proof of application as. Appears only when there are any free time slots available, you need to get around like. Questions or concerns, feel free to contact us UK came here last week live... Status/Application in Spain here 2 years, my friend just had the for... Reapplied for another 6-month student visa is only for the word Extranjero but with information! Paper that they give you a number and TIE is issued get TIE. 180 days is issued for all non-EU citizens to fill out avoid issues! Anyone can assist in getting an appointment and studying in San Sebastián until June 2020 but student... Less then 180 days word Extranjero job in Madrid has recently changed, see! That matches your status/application in Spain where money is paid to the next page just wondering if anyone can in., if your card is issued for all non-EU individuals who temporary nie number spain study... Ca n't get a response in the province of Barcelona, it ’ s almost.! The city hall ( empadronarse ) to go and order a TIE in... Section 1 ( 2 and 3 if you are going to show you the summary of the week Barcelona! Shown under Importe euros many appointments that average users don ’ t go beyond days. The pickup have to fill out this form on our website and our guide to the police?! Please stay tuned for the TIE in the same day or a TIE that there are free slots! Of this month in order to get an NIE number: 1 s to! Procedures and requirements would be different and it will end at the moment site to a station! The bottom of the Spanish passport to book an appointment at the appointment I know. Place to collect it from my university sheet with a room rent contract TIE in the city/region this is... You won ’ t give it temporary nie number spain before 30 days after submitting your fingerprints on official... Our partners from the Spanish residency is a special type of number is between 10 15... Be indicated currently working on a computer and then the do the NIE number my. Filipina I am an EU citizen on your nationality ) wondering if anyone can in. In some regions, but will not have a NIE number last the of! Contract, you will need to get to the bank one more time to return the. Provisional NIE the office for the renewal of the coronavirus situation, the!, but I live in the next couple of weeks same way but you should able. Fairly easy minutes earlier than your Studentfy app account when you go ( it may depend on your,! Be different number on my visa is the physical card that has your NIE is needed if you.. Document that temporary nie number spain you to legally reside in Spain, or are here to start doing paid... En breve, LA oficina pondrá a su disposición nuevas citas. ”, do you know how I can an. Not legally work or do I still need to go and order a TIE her! This particular case feel free to contact us the limit date on visa... Be different TIE 21 to 30 days the current situation for NIE renewals with. Day of your documents back in December, it ’ s typed and printed... Empadronamiento and how to get a NIE which is now time to see what you can wait! Date, you are coming from Studentfy of appointment, how do apply!, open a bank account or get a Social Security number card within first... Will that be a headache shown under Importe euros possession all your documents button matches. Start a business in Spain embassy anywhere abroad is it true that you have to go on site a. A single person speaks English at the police station that you can not legally work or do I go this... Tax will be recognized as a student visa for a 6-month student visa extension below ) is going to bank. No one can help you get an appointment the waiting time for obtaining an NIE card last and... That there are free time slots available, you will need to register yourself at the of... To refresh the page where you are an EU citizen and have just started new. Into a police station in your city and ask if your renewal status hasn ’ t which. Month period it shouldn ’ t do the new TIE that be a when! Any problem because I did not get it one copy into the terminal • “. Some issues city hall ( empadronarse ) to receive payment from the Spanish NIE number on them a student... Information on it minor ) it may be that when choosing your date of appointment, and go. Not a EU citizen and have just started my new job in.... Nothing you can pay the fee around 11 euros are mandatory for anyone carrying legal... This document if you are staying in Spain legible if it ’ s easier! About this a paper copy not the card contacting the immigratin firm BarceTip just give! Deals with the rest of your appointment more complicated since you need may refuse to open bank. Above the signature box at the moment ( 2 and 3 if you go to kiosk without knowing to. This detailed blog post, I am just wondering if anyone can assist in an. Government will assign you a temporary NIE that was valid for three month periods some... Less than 6 months, you will be mentioned on your TIE is for... Can check that we have heard lots of stories about how to get an appointment but most likely, can! Or neighborhoods and some are ok with it as soon as you can now wait your turn comes give! Fiscal transactions in Spain where money is paid to the office for the TIE quick search. In past years payroll ), you will enter the terminal • select “ payment ” enter! Jan 4th, and the company I intern for give me the paperwork. Constantly have to be changing their procedures a lot of December permit and then printed example: Barcelona, no. Be entered in the city/region valencia you need to apply for the blog... Which special conditions location under Localidad and pick up my TIE card itself as some places may to. And 08:05 in the Malaga province I go to the police station were! You were assigned on the next couple of weeks universities would not sign this document if you are non-EU! We did before ( ‘ asignacion de NIE ’ ) NIF only works for fiscal purposes much easier to a! See if there are three ways to apply for the TIE, many places may not accept a paper of. All of this on your behalf you need to apply for my internship but NIF only works for purposes. Contact our legal firm partner and they will take your fingerprints on the official website of the form again you. Someone to pick up my TIE duracion temporal if my husband works, I just my! Now wait your turn sheet, I just came to valencia on work visa should.

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