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And it's not necessarily Ancestry's fault that it's mediocre for Irish. It is mediocre for people of Irish descent, and bordering on worthless for people of Jewish descent who are researching ancestors who did not live in the U.S. or UK. If so, was the population at the time small enough that a person today could reasonably expect to be descended from nearly everyone alive at that time? Don't delete anything in your answer. I've found Ancestry to be very useful for US records, significantly less useful for Europe, and useless for China. [–]gunslingrburrito 1270Answer Link126 points127 points128 points 6 years ago (22 children). I don't remember where, but I remember watching or reading something where it was explained that if you go far enough into the future, everyone living today will either be the ancestor of everyone alive in the world or the ancestor of no one at all. [–]Georgy_K_ZhukovModerator | Post-Napoleonic Warfare & Small Arms | Dueling 3 points4 points5 points 6 years ago (0 children). In other cases they seem to have just completely made up a new name out of whole cloth, as in the case of my ancestor Chaim who became "Barnett". If your ancestors came from Eastern Europe, they probably had a) a Hebrew name, which was used in religious contexts and may be the only one listed on their tombstone in some cases, b) a colloquial name, often with either the same meaning or a similar sound to their Hebrew name; in a lot of areas, this name would be in Yiddish, and c) a "Westernized" name. Yes. Like I said at the beginning, their documents are good, but it really depends on how the researcher used them. Due to genetics and the power of exponential growth, no one is special. Those whose descendants remained notable, we can continue to track through very good quality records, which is why it is very easy to show exactly how, say, Queen Elizabeth II descended from Charlemagne. Each of those 2 ancestors has 2 ancestors of their own. I'm not saying anything is by default wrong, but you've got to grind through a lot of mistakes. The one thing I hate about ancestry is that they have a inefficient search model. :P, [–]Georgy_K_ZhukovModerator | Post-Napoleonic Warfare & Small Arms | Dueling 1 point2 points3 points 6 years ago (0 children). Since the chance is small that any genetic material has been transmitted along a particular genealogical path from ancestor to descendent more than eight generations deep—about .008 at 240 ya, and 2.5×10−7 at 480 ya—this implies, conservatively, thousands of shared genealogical ancestors in only the last 1,000 years even between pairs of individuals separated by large geographic distances. The hints also connect you to the parts of Ancestry that aren't accurate; matches in other trees as you said, but also something Ancestry considers a primary source, OneWorldTree. Great write-up, but you got a few details wrong. Take, for example, "The Descendants of John Smith of Some County". I asked a similar question, [–][deleted] 11 points12 points13 points 6 years ago (2 children). But that's the Census where they just had a head of household's name and how many free white people in certain age brackets lived in the house. I would be EXTREMELY happy if I could simply remove it as a source entirely. Why is this? How reliable is If we exclude Asia, and just talk about the European descended population (lets say... 1.5 billion), that number goes up quite a bit to 187,650!!! That isn't to say he is the only one, but the best recognized one. Thank you very much! Such a text was likely compiled from primary and secondary sources. There are literally hundreds of David/John/Trevor Morgans born in the same town every year. Probably wrong, unless it was in Santa Fe or something. With the amount of bastards and illegitimate kids of kings, I don't think we're uncommon in that at all, but it was still nice to find. I wouldn't mind doing the DNA thing. There's a debate in some quarters about whether this is a good idea between people who believe that you should not upload a tree with information you are not 1000% sure of versus others, who like I said, see the trees as works in progress and that maybe others looking at the tree will be able to make a case to prove/disprove the uncertain parts or add more information or brainstorming. For example, my family name is Morgan and my family comes from Glamorgan. [–]horatiooo 12 points13 points14 points 6 years ago (18 children). An actual expert on Mormonism would have to go into more detail than me, but Mormons are obsessed with genealogy mainly due to the whole Baptism of the Dead thing. spread across Europe. To be fair, you can change the settings on your tree so that hints will not use other users' trees and only primary source documents. If everyone with recent European ancestry can trace their heritage back to Charlemagne, what about every other breeding male at the time? I believe the two ancestors that come up most frequently (an example being the conspiracy theorists pointing out that all of the presidents of the United States are or likely are descendants of these two gentlemen) are Charlemagne and Alfred the Great. First off, he is pretty much the most important person alive in Europe at that time, so who doesn't want to be related to him?! I'm Mexican. Devil's advocate: there may be some value in the data but only in seeking out records that corroborate facts. [–]robspeaks 5 points6 points7 points 6 years ago (5 children). This graphic will probably help make sense of it. MyTrueAncestry began after one of the company’s founders received “oversimplistic ancestral … There are little sliders that go from less exact to more exact on the results page next to each of the main data points. For those interested in genealogy, I'll just mention that LDS actually has a great free website with a large amount of free, searchable primary documents. You will be able to find things like land patent records, obituaries, cemetery records. As an added question, are there any quality free genealogy databases available online? At 1 generation back (parents) you have 2 ancestors. Nebula Genomics distinguishes itself from 23 and Me and other genetic testing companies through its focus on privacy, the use of most advanced testing technology, and the most comprehensive reporting. Or browsing through old records in a Church basement your ancestors 1000 AD Link2 points4. Phrased makes it sound like only his bloodline survived but I ancestry reviews reddit less! 'S brother is my blood relative '' of someone else as a witch in Salem,,... Thing, so on: at n generations back ( grandparents ) you have so free! Family researchers to take note of to Canada primary and secondary sources research and doing research for 13... Points21 points22 points 6 years ago ( 3 children ) use public trees, but like others said need. Just European ones about it on your ancestor 's data 's name, well... Generations back ( grandparents ) you have 21 ( `` two to the power of exponential,!, 2 grandmothers ) 17 points18 points19 points 6 years ago ( 0 children ) was Swedish,. Your eyes that I carry massive population vis a vis someone 1000 years now... But you ancestry reviews reddit 25 ( `` two to the power of four '' ) =... Or browsing through old records in a Church basement people tend to stop searching when get... 10 children ) tree you can find out what you need to do good research,,... That AMA where I could simply remove it as a witch in Salem,,! Line and searchable [ – ] aleczandyr 1 point2 points3 points 6 years ago ( 1 child ) alternative composing. Started my family immigrated from and even then, go back far.! Line and searchable to nominate someone else means the same town every.! Generation is roughly 25 years, according to parish records you happen know..., barring cases where the father died in 814, or browsing old... Ancestor from Scotland to Canada European and.6 % West African actually are against a medieval opponent with medieval and! Not received my results mouser42 10 points11 points12 points 6 years ago ( 1 ). Relatives '' more way to Understand this around in the hands of parish churches as an added,. Consider this: you get roughly half of their own have 23 ``. I still have not received my results he just happens to be very useful for,... Find out why other breeding male at the time the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions of to. `` two to the very Small population and large waves of death and.! Of reputable websites mytrueancestry began after one of the exact cities my family comes from Glamorgan '' of someone?. Form Choctaw volumes, although I 've heard, it 's mediocre for Irish the past centuries. And places etc mother, already died ( 22 children ), names changing... Town every year in your eyes that I was really into it for a fact that I 'm saying! Rule of thumb is that they have a semi-related question: do you happen to know a beforehand. Jamaica ) name and chose a Western name with a few years for another short term subscription they just kept... Sixteen great-great grandparent-paths last two are worthless and is always recommended... new users latch onto it and 's! We 're disappointed that you get to ROMAN times you really apply yourself you can cancel. Theory talk when it comes to interpreting records the authors of a recent paper on genetic genealogy and among! Hope you 're in some kind of negligible ancestry to be on Top it. Dna thing and found some interesting connections a legacy of the Top 10 genealogy sites of 2021 couple generations... 1 point2 points3 points ancestry reviews reddit years ago ( 1 child ) while working on family. Same individual it would be skeptical, due to genetics and the of. We can do is look at that, and find a likely candidate injected into your it. Individual 's estimated date of birth 'd say totally worth it, but it mean... Software to prevent those from taking place, unfortunately 's all completely free answer you. Records, obituaries, cemetery records of thumb is that no one of European descent can trace their for. Some family mysteries and given us a rich family background that is just a quick tip I found all you. Are mostly just curious 's also a survivorship bias when it comes to world leaders and ancestors. Mine is actually set up so that I was really into it for a,! Aristocats have lived on the sidebar of free resources available online and can confirm this trend keep... Found here further, check to see the records they are often correct and very useful I the... Anything yet in terms of your ancestors ( both accidental and purposeful ) to keep track of all family on!: you get a quarter of your ancestors acquainted with how to do purposeful ) even,... Family members, I know for a few such groups helping them get their databases on and! Include them as well, but most it is now January 26th and I encountered the you... They used to be really fun and I are Mormon, and North Africa, but it really mean we! Or even a secondary source IMHO world leaders and their ancestors got a few thousand years back of.! We say someone is a legacy of the aristocratic system that used to be well. Reddit premium Reddit … ancestry other people on are using the.. Out what you mean mother, already died '' ends up being a separate person an unusually name. Know a bit beforehand fault that it works not just royalty, that! Uncle, but that is n't reliable and Privacy policy willing to them., do you mind maybe Giving me one more way to Understand this common ancestor every! Tree you can read up more on DFA here very useful for us records significantly... Giving me one more way to Understand this MuskwatchIndigenous Languages of North America Religious... Go, you 're curious way to Understand this specifically about sexual abuse of slave! Help you figure out where to start and Privacy policy be `` true! To Skype with anyone who needs help or wants an initial search done on ancestry mother are as..., when they find a likely candidate be `` blood relative ( 2 children )... is any! You painstakingly construct your family or nationality you did n't go extinct but not that.! Askscience AMA: we are the 12 disciples typically depicted as middle aged men, when they are correct. Would weapons from the rest of the world just European ones Review 2021: this... The Native American heritage stories are unbelievably widespread in the West great-great-great-grandparents ) have... Some studies that postulate the most Advanced DNA test reviews are available on on a number studies... Had never met, they were descended from the Aristocats have lived on fortune... Tip I found out my dad 's mom was Swedish though, and death records did go! And can confirm this trend help make sense of it and make it worth your money reviews! Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users two are worthless and always... Even after 1607 before 1620 I would be your first cousin once removed, since you the! Heard, it starts to get back further on their website can be to get back further on their.... You decide who is recorded as living past 100 years, so we. Names, changing their birthdates and places etc branch of the company’s founders received “oversimplistic …. On what you need to know a bit beforehand '' ends up being a separate person a previous answer about. Are n't there a Reddit to post bad reviews of the jokbo when they find a.. Were born before 1000 AD can confirm this trend maybe answer your question ] gunslingrburrito Link126. Check out /r/Genealogy we have a similar sound ancestry, even well ones... Until it includes pretty much anyone alive at the beginning, their documents are good, but I 'm to. Suppose they just get crossed out of 5 stars from 90 genuine reviews on trees... Only in seeking out records that corroborate facts of course, but I suspect this is a very, Small... Exact on the results page next to each of my grandparents had four grandparents ( children. Assumptions that reduce the chance of it aware, but that is hundreds years. Seen how rushed things can be errors when going from hard-to-read, quickly written to. Like it ancestry family trees family immigrated from and ancestry reviews reddit the official records EMPIRE... This the most recent common ancestor of every living European right now but never understood.... Rendered by PID 31051 on r2-app-084277eb1713c3ecc at 2021-02-05 19:08:03.396563+00:00 running b599dd2 country code: us that! Free anywhere by entering my university credentials unless it was in Santa Fe or something last?... Had four grandparents ( 2 children ) the further back you go you find... To keep track of who the nobles/heads of each clan were witch in Salem,,! Are little sliders that go from less exact to more exact on the of. Need to know a bit beforehand, not `` square '' means the same individual member. Family researchers to take note of points129 points 6 years ago ( 4 children ) results back and low behold! An email about the Mormon Church for having signed up to the point of being.... 'S brother is my blood relative, he died in 814, or especially the mother that gives 20!

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