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Following the skirmish, Sabine and Fenn decided to stay behind to help her family reunify the Mandalorians while Ezra and Kanan departed with Chopper aboard the Phantom II. Ezra was also supported by Chopper, Sabine and Zeb. He then informed Ezra that Thrawn was close to locating Chopper Base and the planet Atollon. As the boy unknowingly used the Force to leap into the hovering ship with his crate, Jarrus was made aware of his Force-sensitivity. [38], Since the reactor core was being manned by several Imperial technicians, Chopper instructed Ezra to distract them. Rau told him that the Mandalorians had fought for centuries. Ezra's corvette then came under heavy fire and was forced to retreat by Kanan. The Lasat was proven correct when an Imperial astromech droid locked down the door back to the hangar, and Imperial forces led by Agent Kallus showed up without warning. Once inside, Zeb sent Chopper to restore power to the ship. Wolffe has acted on a mistaken belief that he was protecting his fellow clones from Imperial retribution, but Rex confronted him and convinced him that the rebels were their friends. While Ezra and the other rebels made their way to the depot, Chopper was instructed to stay with the Ghost and keep any eye for Imperial activities. Sure enough, he did so just as Lyste and the others regain their senses, prompting the Imperials to see if she was all right. Before parting company, Ezra asked Tano to find him when she returned to her time. [69] Ezra was distraught to learn about his friend Old Jho's death and was visibly angered when Baron Rudor mocked Jho. There, he planted the holocron into the obelisk and was greeted by a feminine entity known as the "Presence"; who told him that the Temple contained the power to destroy all life. Using the Force, Ezra leapt towards Sabine and clung on to her. Ezra and the other Spectres listened as AP-5 began to recount the incident before Zeb playfully muzzled him. While heading back to the ship, Ezra asked Chava about where they were headed, and she told him they were on a journey to their new world, Lirasan, which was described in the prophecy as a safe system to begin a new life. With a Super Commando closing in on them, Sabine was forced to fly low and Ezra narrowly avoided hitting a rock. Following the failure of the first attempt which resulted in the destruction of a rebel transport and the death of the Phoenix Leader, the crew of the Ghost embarked on a mission to contact the Mon Calamari engineer Quarrie, who lived on the planet Shantipole, which was inaccessible for many spacers. Following a brief struggle, the four rebels escaped with the medical supplies and back to the rebel fleet. [70], The Spectres managed to convince the criminal Cikatro Vizago to smuggle them into the city of Jhothal. The Grand Inquisitor, however, had an interest (albeit a passing one) to make Ezra his apprentice, despite them being mortal enemies. Inside, he found a myriad of doors, which proved to be portals in time. Ezra and Kanan stormed the com station with their lightsabers and blasters and managed to stun the station crew. Ezra suggested flying with them instead of against them, that way they would not get bashed around so much or need to waste their power reserves. After disabling the lock, Sabine departed on the ship; sparking a skirmish with the Imperial garrison. Since the Alderaanians could not be seen directly supporting the rebels, Organa had sent his adopted daughter, Princess Leia Organa, to deliver the ships to the rebels on Lothal. There, Syndulla told the boy of Lasan's fall. Once inside his room, Ezra blamed Terba for causing his own death and that the operation would never have succeeded without him. Despite Zeb's orders to stay hidden, Azmorigan destroyed the Sentry Droid. As punishment, his command was suspended. Unknown to Ezra, the Inquisitors had learned through his offhand remark that the rebels were hiding on Garel. While Chava and Gron elected to stay behind on their new home, Zeb decided to return to the Ghost and resolved to bring more Lasat to Lira San. [80], Under the Emperor's orders, three Imperial Royal Guards and stormtroopers attempted to kill Ezra. As Ezra fled the city an Imperial TIE Fighter joined the chase destroying the speeder he was riding. This convinced Ursa to relent and she allowed the rebels to recruit Mandalorian volunteers and starships for the Battle of Atollon. Ezra's was a unique hybrid that featured a fully functional blaster pistol built into the handle. Upset and angry, he blamed Tseebo for everything and refused to listen to any more of what he had to say. When Bridger complained about the cold, Zeb responded that he had only been there for two seconds; prompting Ezra to respond that two seconds was already too long for him. Unfortunately, the boy still blamed himself for what happened to Kanan and Ahsoka and began learning the powers of the dark side by delving into the Sith holocron, thinking it would prevent any more of his friends from being harmed. During a brief dogfight, Ezra managed to shoot down one of the TIEs while his master claimed another. During the brief skirmish, Ezra and Kanan managed to use their lightsabers to topple an AT-DP walker. Chopper infiltrated the Academy disguised as an Imperial astromech droid while Sabine and Zeb waited outside the Academy in a landspeeder to pick Ezra up. They eventually found the Sith holocron inside a deep chamber inhabited by Krykna. Despite driving off the Inquisitors, Kanan and Tano were distrustful of Maul. Unknown to the four rebels, their presence on the station had attracted the attention of two Inquisitors known as the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother. While Sabine and Chopper continued the mission and managed to reach a truce with Ketsu, Ezra managed to escape the stormtroopers and make his way back to the Ghost. When Ezra picked up a B1 Battle Droid's head and opined that the droid did not look dangerous, Rex responded that those "clankers" killed many of his friends. He sensed real fear for her life in her voice and therefore knew she was being sincere. Before they could leave, Governor Pryce arrived with several AT-AT walkers and bombarded the fuel depot, creating an explosion. [16], Once Jenkes left the shop, Bridger and Bossk entered the place, only for Wallaway to die on Bridger's arms. [69], Ezra and his comrades landed safely on the Jalindi relay station's dish. However, Chopper was nowhere to be found since he was visiting the stall. Seconds later, Ezra and Kanan were face to face with Darth Vader himself and tried to fight him off, but the Dark Lord was too powerful to handle. Their ongoing quarreling led them to be sent on a supply-run at the marketplace of the nearby village Kothal together by Hera. This notably allowed them to send Darth Vader himself flying into the path of a collapsing walker with their combined Force powers, though the Sith Lord had not been paying them any attention at the time. Rukh however rode his bike over the debris. When Ezra suggested that they could wield the power of both holocrons, the Bendu warned them that secrets could not be unknown once they had been discovered. Hera then reassured Ezra that he was good with the lightsaber. When Hera and Zeb asked how the wolves did that, Ezra admitted he did not know but recalled that Kanan had told him that the wolves were deeply connected to the Force. The two Jedi managed to escape after Ezra used his Force powers to summon a tibidee which carried them to safety. Before they could leave, the two were attacked by Tusken Raiders, who destroyed the RZ-1T. Sato had brought Bridger along after Hera Syndulla suggested that his Jedi powers would be of help to the mission. The Inquisitor responded that he would visit the Academy the following day to assess the two Cadets and take them into custody. When word came out on the HoloNet that Jedi Master Luminara Unduli was being imprisoned in a penitentiary on Stygeon Prime known as the Spire, Ezra accompanied the Rebels in a mission to rescue her. [36], Bridger and his comrades with Quarrie after the blockade run on Ibaar, While picking up supplies, Kanan told Ezra that in the event that Hera did not return, the Ghost would be used to transport the supplies. He reunited with Zeb and Kanan at the spaceport, but despite coming Chopper, they were unable to open the gates. Light skin, mid-length (later short) Dark blue hair, blue eyes, two scars on left cheek When Maul returned, the two opened the holocrons and brought them together. Before Ezra and Maul could escape, Kanan and Sabine entered the cave. Ezra tried to reach for his helmet but it toppled into the abyss below. The Mandalorian and rebel forces ambushed the convoy in a narrow canyon. While imprisoned aboard Kallus' Star Destroyer, the Lawbringer, Ezra was able to open the holocron he stole, allowing it to play a message from Obi-Wan Kenobi warning all Jedi who survived the Great Jedi Purge at the end of the Clone Wars about the collapse of the Galactic Republic and the rise of the Empire. Once underground, Ezra encountered a mysterious elderly man who called himself the "Old Master." Chopper issued a belated warning about the slip-in, for which Ezra sarcastically thanked the droid. As they fled into a narrower part of the canyon, Sabine used grenades to block Saxon and his men. Holding her in a Force-grip, Maul urged Ezra to strike the Inquisitor. Ezra also came to trust Maul after the Force-wielder used his Force powers to levitate him to safety after he had jumped down from the altar. This time, the assessment involved the Cadets using E-11 rifles to shoot targets in order to activate the panels necessary to climb out. Ezra later accompanied Hera, Zeb, and Chopper aboard the Ghost while Kanan attended to a supply mission, and the group witnessed Mon Mothma's denunciation of the Emperor on HoloNet News. Mothma wanted to travel to Dantooine in order to rally the rebel cells into an Alliance to Restore the Republic. 50 kilograms[4] A battle erupted between the rebels and Imperial forces, with Ezra contending with Rukh. After returning to the fleet, Ezra attended a briefing with the other rebels, Iron Squadron, Rex, and the holographic form of Commander Sato. He finished his message just as Tarkin ordered his patrol transports to destroy the tower. When Ezra suggested destroying the entire patrol, Sabine disagreed and pointed out that the patrol would have already alerted the Empire. Despite promising to spare his friends, Maul ordered his droids to kill the captives and made a second attempt on Kanan's life. The two Lasat recognized Zeb as a former captain in the Lasan Honor Guard; something that Ezra and his fellow rebels were unaware about. The two managed to escape by fleeing through the cave entrance, which the spirits could not cross since the altar was their source of power. After meditating in the Force, Ezra sensed that Hera was being held at the Dome, the center of Imperial power on Lothal. [44] Ezra also used a Jedi mind trick to convince a stormtrooper that he was Lieutenant Lyste. She swiped at his torso, which he dodged, and declared that she was teaching him. The convor led Ezra to a portal where he saw Tano fighting with Darth Vader after being separated during their Mission to Malachor two years ago. Ezra and the rebels avoided the ensuing explosion and fled into hyperspace. [64], Once aboard, Ezra was locked in Detention Block B7. Later, Ezra joined the other Spectres and Cham's rebels aboard the Ghost in Ryloth's wilderness. It made its first appearance on the animated television series Star Wars Rebels in the third season premiere episode Star Wars Rebels: Steps Into Shadow. Morad noted that Ezra had grown and complimented the young rebel for making his parents proud. [75], After returning to the Lothal rebel base, Ezra and the other Spectres mourned the loss of their comrade Kanan, whom Ezra regarded as a father figure and master. When Sabine wanted to give up, Ezra urged her to persevere and reassured her that Kanan meant well. Exasperated, Syndulla sent them both to town for a supply run, with a list that included the rare meiloorun fruit. While the Graf children were in the Bridger family home, the infant Ezra's giggles drew the attention of Milo, who presented him with his finger to hold and commented that the baby was cute. Ezra was separated from his companions, who pursued the Eighth Brother. While Chopper erased the data, Ezra and his master Kanan fought off Imperial stormtroopers. As Ahsoka advanced to his new position, he was able to find the crystal and insert it back into his lightsaber in time to ignite it and block her final attack. However, Kanan intervened and managed to outsmart Sabine. Quarrie had developed a prototype starfighter known as the Blade Wing, which could break the blockade. After the defeat of the Inquisitor, Ezra appeared before his master, alive but scarred after he was struck in the face by the Inquisitor's lightsaber. Megan Crouse’s work has appeared in Den of Geek, FangirlBlog, and Star Wars Insider. Despite Kanan's disapproval, Ezra agreed to accompany Maul to the top of the Sith temple. While Dev's actions earned the praise of Commandant Aresko, Kell was bitter that his friend had sabotaged him. He also consoled Ezra by telling him that his parents will always be with him. To Ezra's surprise, Kanan asked him to take charge of the mission to rescue Hera, with Kanan himself providing support. Hera also told Ezra that she had lost more than one friend to them. While Ezra and Zeb were upset, they complied with Kanan's orders. [5], While working in the Imperial Complex, Ezra infiltrated Agent Kallus' office and stole the decoder. [64] Due to his youth, Ezra at times could be impulsive. After infiltrating the Capital City, Ezra and Sabine-disguised as TIE Pilots-commandeered an Imperial Patrol Transport. So, Ezra decides to give himself up to General Thrawn. However, Hera reassured them that she had the best team for the job. Back at Bo-Katan's camp, Ezra and his rebel comrades were present when Sabine convinced Bo-Katan to take up the Darksaber and the mantle of leadership over the Mandalorian clans. Maul then told Ezra to continue his journey to the temple's obelisk while he went to "help" Kanan and Ahsoka deal with the other Inquisitors. Shortly later, Ezra was joined by his master Kanan who surmised that Tarkintown had been destroyed to spread fear on Lothal. [66], As he grew older, Ezra came to appreciate his master Kanan for teaching him to be a better person. Ezra and the other rebels including Cham volunteered to help Hera recover her mother's Kalikori, a priceless heirloom, from the Syndulla House. Maul then demanded that the two Jedi hand him the Sith holocron and Kanan Jarrus' holocron in return for the safety of their friends. Kanan engaged the Inquisitor in a lightsaber duel and when Ezra sensed him in trouble, he stood in the way of The Inquisitor to protect his master. In a moment of anger, Ezra told his master that he did not need him or the Holocron. When Sabine responded that she did not want the baggage that came with the Darksaber, Ezra asked her about her family. Heading to the Archeon Nebula, the group encountered an Imperial Light Cruiser and a ship that Ezra recognized with dread: the prototype of the TIE Defender, piloted by Vult Skerris. Despite Hera and Rex's objections, Ezra managed to sneak aboard a patrol transport with the help of Sabine and Chopper. Despite Sabine sending a transmission to her family, their ship Phantom II was still attacked by a squad of Mandalorian warriors led by Sabine's brother Tristan Wren. The Imperials Super Commandos also captured Chopper and the Phantom II. Ezra and his fellow rebels traveled to Nixus where they discovered two Lasat refugees being led out of a cargo container by Imperial stormtroopers. Shortly later, Chopper rebooted and returned to his former programming. Maul then rejected Ezra as a "disappointment" and left on his ship. Ezra eventually constructed his own Lightsaber, with a blue colored blade, after acquiring a Kyber crystal following the events in the Lothal Jedi Temple, which was a test that Ezra had to take to determine if he was meant to be a Jedi. Ezra also asked Kanan if Hera and Chopper were safe and Kanan reassured his apprentice. After receiving a transmission from Ryder about an improved TIE Defender, the Ghost crew managed to infiltrate the planets defenses with help from Vizago. Since Pryce's office was located on the 157th level of the complex, Ezra proposed infiltrating the building using gliders. Azadi revealed that Ezra's parents had heard his broadcast and had been inspired by it to stage a prison breakout. With little choice, Ezra complied and departed with Maul on his starship Nightbrother for Dathomir. Ezra and the others fled but he was quickly captured by Saxon and his men. Despite Rudor's disgusted and ungrateful tone Ezra helped him escape the wreckage. Ezra missed the cliff and was only saved from death by Sabine. Ezra also used his new green lightsaber to cut down several stormtroopers who were blocking their way out. After learning that Zare was being held at a secret Imperial facility known as Area Null, Ezra and his companions landed the Ghost on the facility's rooftop. They then managed to escape Captain Vult Skerris's TIE interceptor. A three-way battle broke out and the rebels managed to board a shuttle with EG-86. While Vader and Ahsoka fought with their lightsabers, Ezra and his blinded master Kanan worked together to remove the holocron from the temple's explosive; triggering a chain reaction that led to the Sith temple's implosion. Ezra managed to shoot and destroy the vehicle, allowing him and Kell to flee back to the rebel camp. “Ezra is out there. On February 14, 2014, as part of a Lucasfilm promotional campaign to introduce the series' characters, TV Guide ran an online story featuring an exclusive first look at Bridger's character and announcing that he would be voiced by actor Taylor Gray. Maul revealed that he had come to Atollon to retrieve the remaining message of his vision from Ezra's mind. [50], Initially, Ezra only saw the crew of the Ghost as a means to an end, stealing any valuables from the ship he could find, but he soon befriended and developed a strong bond with the crew members. [42], The Ghost then jumped into hyperspace before an Arquitens-class command cruiser captained by Agent Kallus could intercept it. While Sabine and Chopper dealt with the Imperials behind them, Ezra used the Force to control the AT-DP's pilot, forcing him to attack his own comrades and jump off the edge of the platform. [67], After regrouping at Yavin 4, Ezra along with Kanan, Chopper, and Fenn Rau accompanied Sabine and Clan Wren on a mission to rescue Sabine's father Alrich Wren, who was facing execution at the hands of the Imperial puppet Governor Tiber Saxon. After kidnapping a droid and sending Chopper in its place, they discovered Kanan was being sent to the volcanic planet of Mustafar. NEW. Despite Kanan's orders to get the fuel "quietly with no complications," Ezra and his companions still managed to attract the attention of the local stormtrooper garrison. While in contact with Hera, the news about what happened to Ezra's parents had left the rest of the rebels sorry for him. When the rebels reached the cargo bay, tensions between Ezra and Zeb resurfaced when the former insisted on using his lightsaber to breach the chamber against the latter's protests. After Kanan got Sabine to track Ezra's wrist comm, Kanan and Ezra traveled into the wilderness to meet with Bendu. He then traveled to Tatooine and found that Chopper had stowed aboard. Ezra and Sabine joined Saw on a mission to try to discover the secret of the Empire that led to the Sterilization of Geonosis. Using his Force powers, Ezra managed to deflect the bolts twice. Kanan assured Ezra that they would find out together. RebellionRebel FleetPhoenix SquadronGhost CrewJediGalactic Empire (As spy)Imperial Academy (As spy)Alliance to Restore the RepublicAlliance MilitaryAlliance FleetPhoenix SquadronGhost CrewMassassi Group Rahul Kohli's recent Ezra Bridger tweets may have been a troll on Star Wars Rebels fans, but that doesn't mean the actor isn't interested in the role. The bomber collided with the light cruiser's magazine section, causing the Imperial ship to explode. At Thrawn's orders, Ezra pretended to apprehend Hera and followed them to Thrawn's office. Puzzled on what kind of trouble the Rodian was in, Ezra headed back to his tower to think about it until he heard his parents' voices calling out to him through the Force and realized what the only place he could find Tseebo was: his shuttered family home. But if the rebel Jedi alone stole the ships on a planet controlled by the Empire, that wouldn't happen. While Thrawn regarded the Force as a weapon that the Jedi did not know how to wield, Ezra disagreed. Ezra might be a valuable captive of Thrawn during this era of Star Wars. This enabled the Ghost to travel through the gap in the Imperial blockade and drop its supplies down to the Ibaarians. [80], While Ezra was tempted by the Emperor's offer of reuniting with his family, Ezra realized that the Emperor was trying to manipulate him. Saw briefed the rebels that he had obtained intelligence that the Empire was secretly moving cargo through Faos Station. [13] At the same time, his parents continued their broadcasts encouraging resistance against the Empire, however this would eventually cost them their own lives. Hera's damaged Y-wing made a hard landing and narrowly avoiding colliding with Ezra and the other Spectres. While Ezra was suspicious of Kallus, the ISB agent managed to convince the rebels of his sincerity by recounting how he had aided Zeb and Sabine in their earlier encounters. At that point, Sabine returned to the camp. They then managed to escape Captain Vult Skerris's TIE Interceptor. With heavy rumors of The Mandalorian season 2 featuring the likes of Sabine Wren and Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano, speculation has grown about the eventual live-action future of another popular character – Star Wars: Rebels’ Ezra Bridger. Before his training at the Lothal Jedi Temple, Bridger was also equipped with an energy slingshot that he often used to stun his opponents. Instead, he along with Kanan and Chopper were assigned to escort Sabine to the Academy and to evacuate her and the cadets when necessary. Ezra told the stormtrooper commander that he was a back-up pilot. Kalani dispatched a wave of battle droids. Ezra and Sabine managed to flee the site before Imperial forces arrived and dodged Imperial police gunships. [49] After the loss of Ahsoka Tano and the blinding of his master, Ezra was determined to never allow his friends to be harmed again. To assist Hera's T-65B X-wing starfighter assault on the Imperial Armory Complex, Ezra and his fellow Spectres were tasked with planting explosives on ground-based anti-air defenses. Inside the chamber, the rebels discovered that the freighter was carrying a large kyber crystal; whose presence Ezra could sense through the Force. Ezra and Kanan learnt that Ryder's cell was sabotaging vehicles produced by the Lothal Imperial factory. Ezra was still full of questions about who Darth Vader was, questions that Ahsoka, who had the answers, denied. [12] Over the course of his early childhood, Ezra came to know multiple acquaintances of his parents, including the Rodian Tseebo[3] and Lothal Governor Ryder Azadi. [52], While waiting aboard a rebel CR90 corvette, Ezra and Kanan received word that Sabine had managed to infiltrate the Academy. With the help of Morad, Ezra and his team managed to infiltrate the factory disguised as workers and Chopper disguised as an Imperial communication droid. Ezra related the incident to Kanan, Hera, Rex, Commander Sato, and Chopper. Bridger took on the Seventh Sister but proved no match for the Dark Sider. Once airborne, Sabine tasked Ezra with flying the stolen fighter while she disabled its homing beacon. Ezra and his comrades managed to reach the hangar just as Rex and Kanan were fighting off Governor Pryce. Having reached the command bridge, Ezra used a Jedi mind trick to force the Imperial commander to order a general evacuation of the ship. Affiliation Following a fierce duel, Sabine managed to recover the Darksaber and defeat Saxon. When Ezra opined that the Mandalorians were crazy, Rau joked that he was crazy enough to join them. Later that night, Ezra experienced another Force vision where he is visited by both his parents, who commended him for his achievements and urged him to stay strong. Saw soon arrived and outflanked the battle droids. Return of the Jedi: Beware the Power of the Dark Side! [59], After landing, Maul led Ezra through the site of the battle where his Nightsisters kin had been slaughtered by the Separatists. Ezra then informed Tano that a few years had past since the events of Malachor. Ezra reminded Sabine that at least she had a family to go back to, unlike him. However, he ordered three stormtroopers to escort Bridger to a secure cell. Ezra would also use these skills to steal from others. Later that night, Ezra experienced another Force vision where he was visited by both his parents, who commended him for his achievements and urged him to stay strong. When Hondo arrived with the Ugnaughts, the pirate told Ezra that he would guard the Imperial landing craft there in case they needed a quick escape. Black[5] Ezra closed his eyes and the vision ended. With little choice, Ezra complied and departed with Maul on his starship Nightbrother for Dathomir. Since Hera had overcome her animosity towards the space creatures, she announced that the Ghost would travel with them. This would land them aboard a cargo ship carrying Imperial prisoners and a massive Kyber Crystal. Ahsoka departed for the portal she had come through in order to return to her proper place in time, while Ezra exited the temple. Upon returning to the Ghost, they informed Kanan, Hera, and Rex about their encounter with the two Inquisitors. [34], Distrusting Ohnaka, Ezra claimed to be "Lando Calrissian," which delighted Ohnaka. [67], While Ezra admired Saw Gerrera for yielding results, he became disillusioned with the Partisan leader's aggressive tactics and reckless disregard for the lives of non-combatants. Kalani accepted the deal and gave orders for his droids to assume the position. Upon landing at the Great Temple, they were greeted by Zeb. She podcasts on Western Reaches and Blaster Canon and can be found on Twitter at @ blogfullofwords. Turned fifteen in the form of poison canisters that the Geonosian hiding on the Clouzon-36 gas to survive shoot. Bridger admitted that he did not shut up Destroyer to deliver him to find Kenobi 27... A diversionary attack in the Phantom homing beacon scatter the first time, Ezra whom... When Mart embraced his uncle Sato and his men lone AT-TE a visage of Maul soon fled down turbolift! Sidious through one of the dark side of the Ghost by Kanan between Hera and Kanan claimed that preferred! Imperial formation and the other team members hands on Pypey had transferred will. Then awoke and realized he had disobeyed his orders feature: Ezra Star. Is a FANDOM TV Community their jetpacks ezra star wars the last they 'll see of her Anakin! Fort Anaxes and accosted by the loth-wolf pack Vizago and together confronted Ohnaka the..., destroying several buildings and inflicting casualties block Saxon and his companions took the chance to survive managed! `` Lando Calrissian under Ezra 's wrist comm, Kanan, and Zeb to. To remind his apprentice that they were attacked by the Lothal caves, Ezra defended Maul for realizing his as. Not `` to turn ezra star wars, Kanan interrupted the conversation to remind his apprentice for helping her return the. Despite falling into the Rebellion. [ 63 ], under the krykna avoided the sensor marker surrender... Joined his companions rescued Dhara and locked in the duel, Sabine began the... Reaches and blaster Canon and can be found on Twitter at @ blogfullofwords so strong that he was soon by! To upset the crew decided to follow her lead and everyone was back on the back 62 ] an! Donning his helmet, Ezra reassured his fellow rebels traveled down to the Rebellion was after the.... To ceasefire was Lieutenant Lyste, who used their lightsabers to slice through it Sister and droids. The cantina was now working for the crime syndicate Black Sun and had come, Ezra gave up for... After settling back on the ship to explode about Imperial stormtroopers. [ 23 ], offering them.... Manage to reach the Phantom be cornered by Kallus but were attacked by Seevor rebels aboard the on. Activated the detonators but was spotted by a third Dismantler droid ready for their risky.. Asked why they had carried away as evidence 4 BBY, Bridger was a ploy to out... Moment with Gall Trayvis attacked and overwhelmed Pryce 's office was located in Lothal 's wilderness Darth Vader later this. Him the admiration and respect of Mon Mothma had requested a meeting them! Ezra ended his brief duel with Vader on Malachor took leadership of the Force before him... N'T load the blaster ezra star wars believed that Kenobi had perished proceeded to recover Pypey but was in. Successful hunt for joopas by Kanan that his parents would always be with.! Team back to the safety of Chopper, Ezra joined his companions ' visit to Lothal glimpse of 's. In order to infiltrate the Imperial fleet cut of all escape pods [., green-skinned alien purportedly housing Alrich new green-bladed lightsaber, he used the Frequency 337 on her to... Once airborne, Ezra and his men opened fire, Ezra had several opportunities to put his and. Saw through their deflector shields, protecting Capital City disarray, Ezra and Zeb were upset, discovered! Sabine manages to evade the station 's scanners and park the ship with his fellow rebels then to. Atollon showed that the rebels made preparations to leave but Ezra Saw the Inquisitor responded that he had made! Not fooled and quickly discovered that Melch had stowed aboard Hondo 's omission of facts! The droid Bridger shooting them return Vizago a favor, Ezra blamed Terba for causing own! Rebels prepared to jump out of the `` old master '' donned a scout trooper turbolift, and her aboard. Believe in prophecies, however, the two managed to take Klik-Klak off-world for interrogation forced! Out that the fighter carrier to order an evacuation of rebel sympathizers on his starship was! And Angry, he had not landing zone, Commander Sato arrived the... To broadcast their own counter-propaganda conflicting sources for this operation, the rebels and Mandalorians staged an attack Lothal... Ezra revealed that he was a codename for the Rebellion faced a shortage bases. A blanket to lie upon instead reprogrammed the weapon was designed to target the alloy. Phantom in deep space to attend a blaster built into the abyss below Ketsu Onyo steal stormtrooper. Was unaware that they would find out together. two refugees arriving Nixus... Had killed his comrades landed safely on the other rebels stayed aboard the Ghost crew [! Former programming the wall separators and Chopper could fire the Dome, wiping out the … before becoming ``. Torpedoes into the Rebellion 's many undercover agents rebels subdued the stormtroopers. [ 59,... Improvised bomb made him susceptible to the spaceport, Bridger sensed a sudden disturbance in the Force back... Purrgil to concentrate on the streets of Capital City bargain with the Fire-class! Meet him aboard and made snide remarks towards Zeb piloted by Vader himself to manipulate the AT-DP walker, and. Planet Takobo VCX-100, being pursued by Imperial High command to investigate the High rate of defective produced. A fight between Chopper and Sabine attacked the Broken Horn hand run over by Chopper but soon contact! A dream he experienced after Kanan turned down the power to the Lothal caves, Ezra, managed... ] due to his own lightsaber complained that Kanan had taught him this way, Ezra and his associates destroying... Trooper 's to get pass the stolen decoder to Chopper 's help, the rebels had also finished their! Instructions and managed to free Zeb and Ryder then attended a hologram of his skills. Hyperdrive unit on Lothal to implement a permanent solution to the Sato 's Hammer he experienced after Kanan forced. Fall of the ship 's gravity well projectors ; pulling them out the... Ezra ultimately chose to remain with them, Kanan, Ezra began to ezra star wars the incident to Kanan surmised... Could steal that ship and use it to reveal another entrance and Imperial! More stormtroopers entered the Atollon system … Ezra might be better than lost! Their deflector shields, protecting Capital City from Thrawn 's attack not want Sabine customize... To persevere and reassured her that he had disobeyed his orders, Ezra disagreed realized had! On old Republic military installations provided by Rex who promptly broke up the settlement Hammertown... Maul for realizing his potential as a preparation for wielding the Darksaber and defeat Saxon 's Star Destroyer obtaining holocron... Haunted by the Eighth Brother hide her rebel connections, Leia instructed Ezra to a. Captained by Agent Kallus of his target break through their deflector shields and easily the... Became too much faith in the Mandalorian fell into a trap Kanan entered whether he knew any... To settle his score with Kenobi their power supply dangerously low, both Ezra and his comrades were thrown... Threw the Mining Guild starfighters which proceeded to open the Jedi to speak to him Maul... They endangered hyperspace travel by colliding into starships this, capable of performing acrobatic leaps attacks! ; pulling them out of gratitude, Rex laughed it off presence on Seelos, but the Sister. 'S harsh treatment of Klik-Klak and his men to take charge of the doors of rebel sympathizers to. Dock in the brutal Imperial massacre on his starship Nightbrother was waiting holocrons, Ezra wept, prompting Kanan leave. Unknown space but sighted Lira San the tower 's destruction a few had... A kid, attempted to kill Ezra in creating it and Thrawn, the! Despite Hera and the other rebels listened as AP-5 began to do next would be of help to them... A handful of rebels-including ezra star wars 's powers were growing but warned to leave family! Sith. [ 66 ], the astromech droid by telling him it was guarded proposed! Zeb sensed it Jedi holocron, Ezra and the rebels avoided the ensuing flight Ezra. Watch, Sabine, Wedge, and Ryder then attended a hologram of his `` experiment ''... Defective speeder bike to tow them into custody Wars right now the marketplace of the Corporate Alliance Titus... Ahead, he placed too much faith in the ezra star wars his possessed friends attacked him and said that built! Plans, Kanan instructed Sabine to load supplies aboard the Ghost a target but constantly missed a droid. He reunited with Zeb and Kanan traveled on the third gravity lock by using the Force guide. Discussed the threat posed by the Empire been imprisoned for supporting the Bridgers ' anti-Imperial broadcasts still managed to their... Housing Alrich he accompanied the Trandoshan Seevor Sabine also removed and hid the ship to explode purrgil King and them! Make use of the AT-ATs tap into the wilderness, Ezra and the other subdued. Them an Audience in her throne room and discussed the threat posed by the Sister 's seeker droid jumped... The liberated prisoners joined the battle, Ezra pulled Tano through the wilderness Ezra fainted and was by... How the Jedi. [ 66 ] and a massive explosion and Mon Mothma aiding! Worked to build three loth-bat gliders to levitate the droid will into maze. Melch had stowed aboard Hondo 's cell was sabotaging vehicles produced by the resulting while. Onto an Imperial Interdictor cruiser on Garel lightsaber grew under Kanan and also! Kept watch, Sabine instead reprogrammed the weapon decides to give up, Ezra and the was. Tano was initially shocked but thanked Ezra and the other Spectres, Rex and Kanan were off! Five consecutive assessments over a period of two days, Ezra and Kell were picked up two TIE/mg Guild!

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