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In just a couple of days you can take a boring gray slab and transform it into a beautiful stained concrete patio, driveway or pool deck.Typically, acid stains are a more durable choice for exterior concrete stain projects than water-based formulas. If you apply sealant, the stain won't fade. With that being said, how does it compare to oil based paint. Pros and Cons of Outdoor Concrete Stains | Concrete Decor Hot Water-Based Acrylic Stain These stains are nonreactive and will only penetrate into the surface when pores of the concrete are open. According to ChemMasters, a manufacturer of concrete coatings, solvent-based sealers are high gloss and darken concrete, while water-based sealers are low gloss with minimal darkening and/or color change. In fairness, water-based sealers do have some drawbacks. It doesn’t enhance the performance of the floor. Acid stain is a very finicky product. Despite these drawbacks, water-based stains make great concrete colors for patios, sidewalks, stamped concrete, and all sorts of surfaces. These two substances react with calcium hydroxide present in the concrete. Mixing the Two Together Just follow this step-by-step guide with pictures! Typical applications for Living Earth ™ are cement-based floors, walls, ceilings, countertops, wall panels, and other architectural elements such as bare concrete or … Water-Based Acrylic Stain These stains are nonreactive and will only penetrate into the surface when pores of the concrete are open. Water-based stains are more consistent. There are some pros and cons to acid stain and you have to think about these before you know if this is going to be the right installation for your house. When choosing a type of paint to complete your project, it can not be simply based on the list of pros and cons. Technology has gratefully given us the ability to work remote and service our customers at full capacity. The finished performance properties of water-based and solvent-based sealers are fairly similar, and provide a long lasting and high level of protection to newly finished or aged concrete surfaces. We realize you may have questions regarding your upcoming project with Decorative Concrete Resurfacing. Concrete stain in Chandler can add pizazz to the regular grey color of concrete flooring, protect it from Chandler, Arizona damage and wear, and jazz up the area to match just about any color or design you imagine. Our staff and crew s are able to abide by the social distancing and disinfecting policies , as we do our part to keep the economy moving. Tack on about $0.40 per square foot for adding special color tones. One might want to use that type of stain if you are really eco-friendly because it is a water based system, so it is extremely green, and that system when it’s installed will kind of look like a painted surface. Here are several things to consider before investing in the staining process: Want an expert opinion on whether stained concrete is right for your facility, or are you looking for a trustworthy contractor? If you'd like stain protection from food, fire/water features or flower pots and planters, choose a film-forming sealer. Masonry: As a result of its durability to alkalis, water-based coloring adheres much better and can last for a longer time on bricks, stones, concrete, and also plastered buildings. The reactive properties between lime, cement, and acid stains cre… Concrete stains give you a decor option for coloring concrete floors, but they don't actually protect the concrete. It doesn’t improve the floor’s strength or durability, and doesn’t change it resistance to spills or damage. It I best used on brand new concrete but if you have an existing floor that is in pretty good shape, its free of cracks or spud or chips then that also can be a good candidate. The cost you can generally see will be from about $2.00 a square ft on solid color stains to about $6.00 a square foot for acid stain and we also have the freedom to put designs in acid stain, we can put color borders, we do some really fabulous things. Water-based stains do have some drawbacks. Acid stains react with the concrete’s surface, so the color is permanent – a great perk. Cons of Concrete Staining. Although your maintenance needs are minimal when the work is finished, the time and labor needed to apply this product correctly may put it out of reach for some consumers. Additionally, with acid-based stains, you’ll need to ensure you wash the surface after application in order to neutralize the newly stained concrete and to remove any acid residue. These water-based alternatives apply more like paints or wood stains and can produce more uniform color or opaque colors. There are a couple of different concrete stains, and they all come with their pros and cons. PROS - Concrete penetrating sealers soak into the concrete surface to a depth of 1/8 inch to increase water repellency and stain resistance on porous concrete while remaining breathable so water vapor in the slab can still pass through the slab surface. Pros And Cons Of Outdoor Concrete Stains DecorWater Based Stains Will They Last Concrete DecorWhy This Water […] As they are more complicated, they offer fewer colors than water-based stains. Stained concrete refers specifically to the process of applying a colored acid- or water-based stain to alter the look of the floor. Give us a call at (864) 855-0600 or contact us online. Water based paint application. After that’s dry the next day we come and we will wash and neutralize the floor, we allow the floor to dry for a couple of days to make sure all the moisture is out of the slab. Acid-based concrete stains, also known as chem or reactive dyes, contain small amounts of metallic salts and hydrochloric acid used for coloring. Besides the fact that you can use it indoors and outdoors, it’s also UV light and weather resistant. A colored concrete finish in light earth tones will run about $2.62 a square foot. Unbiased opinions of others This type of stain reacts to the concrete’s ingredients and doesn’t really have as many color options as compared to water-based stains. Concrete Polishing, ©2021 CPC Floor Coatings. Naturally, they react to the surface of the concrete. Unlike solvent-based paver sealers, water-based ones don’t release harmful vapors into the atmosphere during installation. Decorative Concrete Resurfacing, All Rights Reserved. Hi, my name is Lisa O’Hern. I think we can agree that water based paint is the better choice for the environment and human health. Pros of Paver Sealers, Water Based: Safer to Apply. However, there is no latex in paints; instead, it utilizes acrylic resins or vinyl. Dear Valued Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Customer. Website & Inbound Marketing by, floor surface has been properly prepared beforehand, why it’s important to hire an experienced contractor. For one, it requires a lot of time and effort to stain your concrete. The other type is an acid-based stain. When it comes to water-based stains, you should have in mind that they allow air to move freely in and out, which will prevent decay and trapping water inside. One is a water-based stain. Considering a concrete stain for your store, clinic, or customer lobby? Water Based vs. Stain, as used in ‘acid staining vs. water-based staining’, is used to describe a transformation of a standard grey concrete (usually cement flooring) into decorative and attractive concrete by coating it with colored stains. ≫ Our Response to COVID-19 - Get Our Newsletter, How to Expand your Outdoor Living Space & Patio. Knowing the pros and cons of acid stain vs water based stain for concrete is super important in your decision. Concrete stains last longer than paint because it penetrates deep within the slab. Now a solvent based stain is one that will impregnate into the pours of the concrete and then it’s followed up with a clear sealer to protect the finish. There are two types of concrete stain. Most of you would have heard about acid staining, it has been so popular on the eastern west coast and it has not migrated into St Louis area, we are doing more and more acid stain jobs. Oct 26, 2018 - Acid staining is easy and gives you a unique and inexpensive new concrete floor covering. Living Earth ™ Water-Based Stain is a safe, zero VOC, UV stable, water-based penetrating concrete stain. There are two types of concrete staining, the acid staining and the water-based staining. Choosing Your Concrete Stain . To some, that’s an advantage when installing decorative concrete. Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Team. The other type of stain is acid-based. Stains or dyes also make the concrete stain resistant and durable. That’s why we’ve put together this simple article that looks at some of the pros and cons of water-based paver sealers. As we can see there are a numerous benefits to using water based paint. Acrylic paint is particularly popular for DIY and crafting applications. There are quite a few different types of stain on the market, so we are going to start with a solid colored water based stain. They will not completely recolor a concrete surface. Determining the cost of coloring concrete depends on many things: The type of color, concrete, size of the area, special preparation needs for the dye or stain you choose and tool expenses. Strong prep work cleaning the concrete is a must. You’ll find that this stain dries relatively quickly, allowing you to use a sealer a few hours later. Someone from CPC will be glad to talk with you about your project. While many of the US businesses are temporarily suspending or closing down, due to our business model we are fortunate to continue our work , while strictly adhering to the CDC guidelines. It I best used on brand new concrete but if you have an existing floor that is in pretty good shape, its free of cracks or spud or chips then that also can be a good candidate. The team at Two Sisters DCS, explained the pros and cons of traditional reactive acid and acrylic based stains offered by many companies. Water-based color concrete stain must also be sealed or else it risks fading or washing out. Sincerely, So if you want a cheap alternative to stone floors or if you want a bright pop of color in your kitchen, it can all be done with concrete staining. Customers like you play a vital role in the health of the economy and it’s ultimate return back to normal once w e get through this turbulent time. The next option is a solvent based stain. Stains can be acid or water-based and either type gives a unique look that can be easily customized to your liking. Concrete paint is non-reactive (similar to a water-based concrete stain) and fills the surface pores of the concrete to achieve opaque, uniform, consistent color. There are some pros and cons to acid stain and you have to think about these before you know if this is going to be the right installation for your house. For more information about acid stain and water-based stain, see our huge photo gallery below. At the same time, by using this particular type of stain, you will be able to maintain the wood for longer than any other kind. It’s very important to give it a couple days to dry, it you trap moisture you are going to get a whitish cast in your clear sealer because the clear sealer is the final coat that will go down that will seal the surface and give you that nice shiny look. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(525030, '28f98f91-da5a-4cb5-ad79-f5d1ff846312', {}); Topics: We realize not every business is fortunate enough to have the same privileges, we’re thankful for the ability to keep our team employed during this turbulent time. If you are going to scour the Internet about the pros and cons of concrete dye, you will be surprised that there are also a lot of drawbacks in using it. Stained concrete is much less expensive, whether you choose acid-or water-based products because the process of preparing the surface is much less labor intensive. The best thing about it, when compared with an oil-based alternative, is that it is not flammable, and it doesn’t represent environmental hazard too. However, paint can chip and peel over time, especially if you don’t prepare the surface properly. Among the most popular are reactive and nonreactive stains. As always, w e will continue to keep the health of our customers and employees at the forefront of our decisions and we will continue to keep you informed if anything changes. The porous concrete absorbs the water, allowing the stain or dye to settle into the concrete, providing a permanent coloring. Acid stain is a very finicky product. Keep in mind that concrete staining is purely aesthetic. While “pores” are opened on surfaces being groomed for a polished concrete result, stains are etched or burned into the concrete so no additional effort is required. Most noticeably, these stains are translucent. The pros and cons of acid stained concrete floors must also look at the availability of color and the need for extra products to complete the workl. Latex is colloquially used to refer to water-based paints. If you have any questions regarding your project, please give our customer service center a call. I am one of the owners of Decorative Concrete Resurfacing and I’m going to talk a little bit about staining concrete today. Staining is the most affordable and quickest way to transform exterior concrete. Both dry to a finish that leans more to semi-translucent than opaque. When we acid stain what we do is we wash the surface and then we spray the acid stain down and then we agitate it with either a broom or a types of a brush and then once that’s dry we come back and we put a second coat of acid stain on it. Realizing they did not like the sound of chemical stain or the uniform paint like look of acrylic stains, they choose to go with an environmentally friendly stain called Eco-Stain . This means it won’t fade, peel, or flake off. The Different Types of Concrete Stains. There are many types of stain, offering many types of looks and feels. Water based concrete stainand acid-based stains differ in terms of the coloring material these stains are mixed with. The stains can vary in appearance and durability, but the resulting floor must be regularly treated with waxes or … Water-based acrylic cure-and-seals work just as well as solvent-based ones for curing plain concrete — again without darkening the surface. The downside of acid stains, however, is that it … Boring, lifeless concrete can be transformed into a multi-colored, antiqued, variegated surface. © 2010. FX Cabinets Design Specifications advantages , applications , cabinets , cabinets warehouse , cabinetswarehouse , cons , disadvantages , oil based , pros , regulations , warehouse 0 comments This stain type will offer many more colors to choose from and can be used inside or out. BEST OUTDOOR CONCRETE STAIN. The concrete's existing color or defects will show through. Acid Stains: A look at new water-based stains for concrete and how they compare to traditional acid stains Like acid stains, these new-generation stains (typically a blend of acrylic polymers and pigments) penetrate the concrete to produce permanent color, ranging from translucent to opaque depending on the product. It dries quicker, and you will be able to enjoy in you… Acid-based stains can be dangerous when applying, and can cause severe skin, eye and lung irritation. Concrete stain and sealer patio why this water based concrete stain is cons of outdoor concrete stains how to stain concrete the home depot why this water based concrete stain is why this water based concrete stain is. Water-based stains can require more than one application of the stain if you want to deepen the color. Acid Stain - Stained Concrete … All Rights Reserved. BonWay is a water-based semi-transparent stain that you can mix with distilled, reverse osmosis, or deionized water. This is applied quickly but you need to apply a sealant to it so that the stain won’t fade.

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