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I was cursed. Cain took the life of another, which was not his to take, violating someone who was also made in God’s image, and violating the Creator’s order. The curse on Cain in Genesis chapter 4 was on Cain himself. My 5 y/o son has a white roman eagle birthmark on the right side of his neck approx 1.5 to 2 cm in size. Thanks, enjoyed your article. Women May Carry the DNA of All Their Sexual Partners, The 33rd Degree Law of the Masonic Phoenicians, The Kalash People: The Lost Blonde Hair and Blue Eye Tribe of Alexander the Great in Pakistan, Spiritual Defense Against the Coronavirus with ex-Navy SEAL – Michael Jaco, The Letter “G” in Freemasonry Signifies Gnosis, Seraphim: The Burning Angels of the Serpent, Open Your Third Eye to Walk Like an Ancient Egyptian, The New Atlantis & Secret Destiny of America. & the goat of Mendez is its god or Anti god. I can image the comments as you might read my post. Not to destroy him or his kin for his murder was the first killing of another human and also the first and quite possibly the only forgiven homicide known to mankind. What makes the United States of America such a great country, is that it was founded upon the “rights of the people to rule FOR”, the power not being vested in one sovereign with a “right to rule OVER.” That is, a great “republic if the people can keep it.”. The “Mark” is a birthmark signifying they are descendants of the allegorical story of the fable of Cain. A Birthmark that a certain blood line whose allegorical genealogy is written and also concealed in mystery throughout the Old and New Testaments. I began having prophecies. I’m lucky to know them. I have a white celtic cross like birthmark on my left shoulder . 's Movies That Matter prize at Rotterdam. I saw in a vision of my panties and bras falling out of my drawers. I decided to un cover the birthmatk and it seems my whole head has red and white and i have strawbery moles. The biblical passage in question is a conversation between God and Cain, after Cain murdered his brother, Abel. I never had it growing up but it just appeared. Cain was the first DNA offspring of the serpent’s seed. I have the “daughter toenails”. But the story says that people with the split pinky toenails are of old Hakka ancestry. After that I did multiple branches and I believe most of the people that have been here since the first emigration of North America have that mark I have even started asking people to help prove my theory. I used to be a “wiccan”, and I did rituals which called forth demonic beings from the ars goetia. He said, “You are lucky, I gave up a lot to get here.” As the man in the front started speaking, the angel in front of me turned around and I again, became curious of the surroundings. Often, a birthmark someone has today like you have is the same mark you had in a past life that is carried from life to life because your physical body is an impression of your energy imprint containing your soul. Many different stories, tales, interpretations and symbols have been passed down to us by great learned men throughout history. THE MARK OF CAIN & THE WICKED ONES. . Cain laments, for fear that others would kill him. out of the cracks balls of fire rained upon my town and everyone ran screaming in a panic state but I was not scared. Cain and his next 7 Generations of Kin were Cursed by GOD, and he Marked them on their forehead with a Red Cross. The story is about two brothers, Cain and Abel. This was 40 days after my grandmothers death. The Rational Bible: Genesis God, Creation, and Destruction. A Christian pollster argues that a reckoning is due in America’s churches. I would really like to know. Men of renown and kings of old. I didn’t know this was rare. could u help me? In Genesis, the mark placed on Cain denotes divine protection; this aspect is not generally reflected in figurative and allusive uses of the phrase. It could mean a mark, it could also mean a sign or a token. He was simply a tiller of the ground or what we call these days a “laborer” with a very undesirable job. I have a most peculiar birthmark. There were 4 rows of desk with 3 desk in each row, and a bearded man whom I identified as Moses at the front, as if he were teaching a class. What exactly is this Mark that was set upon Cain? Many Caucasians are said to have them as well as Chinese. We sat in a circle, and We did a “seance”. Roman Catholic church is based on patriarchal descent and as we all well know, seeks to destroy the matriarchal lineages. God reminds him that He already knows the truth, and He punishes Him by taking away his ability to till the soil, condemning him to wander the earth. For now, it seems there is no explanation. These theories have led to inappropriate understandings of the Bible and God’s will. At that Cain’s face fell; and later when he and his brother Abel were alone in the field, he killed him and Cain split the blood of his brother Abel upon the earth, and the blood of Abel streamed upon the earth before the flock.. I prayed to God to forgive me. can you help me too. They were holding her arms, and she was holding a picture album. God created the Mark to act as the lock and key to the Darkness' cage and if it was to destroyed, the Darkness would be released. When the movers came, the first thing they grabbed was my dresser. His dad was evil. That night while I dreamed, I saw myself in Hell. its like a cross shape and has a mole on the center of a cross. This “mark” is often seen as a mystery, like Paul’s “thorn in the flesh.” While it is probably not that important that we know exactly what it was, people do wonder. And when i say “properly prepared”, I mean through embodying many various disciplines. Wilmington’s Guide to the Bible. I will let you see if you want. You see, Cain had the least desirable job of the two brothers. Now Cain’s primary vocation of cultivating crops was no longer an option for him to earn a living. my eldest child was with me on my left, the other 2 children I knew were safe and 1 I was wondering where they were but I was not scared for them. They are very wise and kind godly pure people. Wiki tells it like this “Chinese mythology follows that during the time of the Yellow Emperor, there were two types of people living in China, those who were the descendants of the Yellow Emperor, and those who were nomadic Qiang people. This interpretation of the mark of Cain is completely unbiblical. One more thing, I forgot to mention in my post: “Cain” (also spelled, “quayne” or “quaine”) is a title, just like “moses” is a title, it’s not the name of “one” person but a title held by many different people in a line of rulers or kings. I have white mark from birth. In this interpretation, Cain of course was envious of his brother Abel, believing that he is superior due earning God's affection. And when you are born you ware the red blood mark . Many used the “mark of Cain” teaching as a justification for the African slave trade and discrimination against people with black/dark skin. Do you have a have a birthmark or even a rare white birthmark? I left with my mom and sisters to go to town we had been at dads for about a week , my husband was helping my dad on something at the shed. Therefore, the Birthmark will play a central role throughout recorded history in the 6th age. It was large.The girls all spoke about it, and in amazement, they all started saying that it was healing on its own, very rapidly. TV drama will shock audiences Just so no good man who imparts his goodness to another was ever thought to have less virtue by as much as he had bestowed. You will be a restless wanderer on the earth.” (Gen. 4:10–12). If you could help me out, I would really appreciate it! When I got to Amon, the flames on the candles shot up very high into the air at about 2 feet, and came dangerously close to the curtains above them. I asked God in prayer, to make me an angel. There is no Biblical evidence to support this theory. I have many birthmarks, but more interesting is that my husband has one ( dark freckle) on his privates. I also believe fraternal twins are involved too and they are also passed down from generation to generation . It’s a larger birthmark so it always tends to draw lots of attention. When I asked its name it said Amon. After Yin Wang stabbed her in the abdomen as she tried to escape, she gave birth to two children with a scar on the small toe of the foot. Below I have included quotes from various Historians from our ancient past like the great Plutarch and Plato. Ultimately, the mark of Cain itself is not the important element of this account. Back in ancient days, there was no means to perform any type of scientific DNA testing or blood analysis to determine 100% a person’s ancestry. The Mark of Cain, or cross, symbolizes a hammer, for Cain was a Worker in Metals, which is what a practitioner of Alchemical Sorcery is called. Then we have the famous 6th or 7th century tale of King Arthur who it is said to have been born with a birthmark that helped determine his royal status and then subsequent rise to fame. he used most of his strength to escape hell, where he meets izuku. Nowhere in the Hebrew Scriptures is 'owth used to refer to skin color. But even he received mercy. Only that God placed (put) the mark on Cain and this kept him from being killed. It has always puzzled me but I figure it may be something I will have to ask God about when I get there. I have always been wondering about my birthmark since I discovered it . and I could hear the same wind I did when I first did the spell. I knew now, that my home was truly haunted and all the spirits I have been seeing, all the visions of the future, all of it, was because of demons. It soon went down to a warm toned spot, and is still there. God gives Cain a mark that prevents him from being killed. She was the 7th daughter born with a birthing caul and has good insight and vision to predict what happens in future events. I also am very intuitive and am able to communicate with animal spirits as well as other entities. It was the three days of darkness on the earth. I think we are dealing with far more then most people know and it is never apparent unless you search it out.anyway, Thank you for the article and please look into the Hakka toe nail birthmark. He said he was King Amon of Judah. They are why so many bad things happen on earth.They were rulers of idolatry. In the aftermath of mass violence, the book argues, reconciliation and moral repair depend on memory and not its erasure. Not all descendants of Cain were wiped out by the floods. We also have the prophet Mohammad whose birthmark were said to be signs that he was the chosen one of prophecy. God pronounced a curse upon Cain, and when Cain complained about his sentence, the Lord placed a mark upon him lest future generations take revenge for this first homicide. I jumped up and flicked on the lights, and when I did all flamed on the candles went out, but the one with the sigil of Amon. Jacob and Esau we know there were fraternal because one had red hair. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Skin color is not mentioned at all in this part of the Bible, even though in later books if someone was from Africa - such as the Ethiopian eunuch in the book of Acts their ethnicity is noted. Ka•yin is the name of the first Biblical murderer, Cain. When God confronted Cain about Abel’s death, God cursed him, saying: “What have you done? With its exploration of individual guilt versus institutional culpability, and setting of the British Army in Iraq, it's no surprise "The Mark of Cain " picked up Amnesty Intl. “The Merovingian link to Vulcan-Lucifer was also implicit in a curious royal birthmark in the shape of a red cross, the ancient Mark of Cain, which a Merovingian was said to proudly display over his heart or between the shoulder blades.”. You will find that throughout history that the mark of the intelligent is the strength of their knowledge: and these marks are the gifts of Lord. First of all: 05:11 : What Breivik did was an … I have a quarter size pentagram in my left palm but no circle around it and covers the fate, head and heart lines. Thank you Victoria, I used to have a royal birthmark of king jesus in my right lap since -91. it was strawberry shaped, upside down, 1 and a half cm x 2 and a half cm, brown in colour and had a crown shared by a pythagorus male though face of the king, very clear most of it too. Any chance you have heard of a birthmark that comes then goes? Nay, even a man who is born of noble ancestors, but himself sinks down in the opposite scale of life, could not justly claim kinship with those ancestors, seeing that no one could be enrolled among the Pelopids who had not on his shoulder the birth-mark of that family. Cain (or qayin in Hebrew, meaning spear). My enemies all befriended me, and my life strangely went well. to know my mysterious birthmark all about? In this message, we shall take a journey through time to study the distinguishing MARK OF THE WICKED ONES.We can trace the MARK found on the wicked ones beginning from the first one who dwelt outside the Garden of Eden to the last one who is dwelling in the Vatican.. He said he wanted buried in the house of David and not Uzza. We'll send you an email with steps on how to reset your password. That I wanted to help people. I need to be more grounded though and cleanse my aura field more. After this I began doing more bad stuff. Yahshua said do not kill and forgive all .man sheds blood killing each other. Contemporary religious scholars dismiss this theory outright. Cain and Lucifer were fighting, and Lucifer was winning, but before he killed cain he got away. but it’s a good one. And I was in the back right seat of what appeared to be a classroom. It looks like a V situated ontop of that “M” -like/or “3-like” part of the Ohm symbol. I have the five pointed star “Pentagram mark on my right palm, including the M on top of the Star and a Heat shape by the Spirit of the star and a Pyramid or a volcano with fire coming out of it from my wrist. Did you know that Washington DC was once called Rome? What I also have discovered is that there are many stories told in various cultures and languages over the ancient past where the mythical birth mark plays a central role in these famous tales. Ill At Ease Tour Update. And animals. No mention of a Mark . Many seek to know the specifics about it, even though the Bible is vague. God sent Cain away, and into the world. 106. Related article Who Were Adam and Eve's Children? His great-grandson Tubal-cain became a master of bronze and iron, giving mankind the ability to forge both useful tools and weapons with which they could destroy one another - the duality of man’s creative abilities, intelligence, and free-will. Now you are under a curse and driven from the ground, which opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hand. That’s that. Today it could be known as the Cross of Lorraine or Sigil of Baphomet. Cain went on to take a wife, most likely one of his sisters due to the sparse population of the world at that time, and had children. If not, I’ll figure it out someday anyhow. As they reached the gravel, it happened, just like int he vision. We have no idea what the mark of Cain was. Wow… Never thought someone would claim to know this with not one scrap of actual evidence even considering that Noah would be the common ancestor of all not Cain and there is no way of telling if Cain was related to Noah therefore it should be called the birthmark of noah… Not cain. I’ve been wondering about it for a while now. My eldest son has a white spear birthmark dividing the front of his torso. The Golden calf spiritually denotes the Occult biblically called as the “Strange fire”. I had nothing to go on but instinct and I wanted to get as much information from my Aunt before she passed from Cancer. It is not particularly important, because if it was the Holy Spirit would have inspired the writer - most likely Moses - to take note. Listen! The Mark of Cain , reads – If Cain be avenged 7 times than Lamech 77 times., come in the mixes today, against which Jesus, born in the line of blessing, said ‘Forgive not seven but seventy seven” Distinguishes the two as the line of curse & the line of blessing & Man can only move forward through the blessing for the very the reason of the Messiah to convert them from the mark of Cain which if not adhered to would become the Beast by its Mark, to be damned forever in the final judgement. It is placed over my heart. Reminds me of a teacher rattling on about how Japan is shaped like a sword. The Mark empowered him, but at the same time corrupted him, feeding on his rage and giving hi… It is not raised, just a difference in color from the rest of my skin. For all names are off God. I am not sure how long I have had it. Volcan or Vulcan eventually found his way into the Hebrew pantheon as Vel’cain or Cain (meaning “smith” and “possessor of fire”) and as Lucifer or Azzazel, the “fallen angel” from Heaven, who taught the daughters of men the art of smithing. wow ..i have a birth mark …with and schaped as alomost a cirkle,or a chield . 4:13 And Cain said unto the LORD, My punishment [is] greater than I … The word “Cain” means “white”,  “spear” or “oldest” in the three primary languages spoken during Biblical Old and New Testament times. 1. [email protected], I have an exact shape of the state illinois light brown nightmare on my leg and I live in Illinois I have always known my mark to be important just know of what importance. And in Boeotia it was said that there was the impression of a spear on the Sown-men.”, In the book, “A Companion to Families in the Greek and Roman Worlds,”  By Beryl Rawson, she had this to say about Seleucos, founder of the Secloid Dynasty, “Some families are thus characterized by birthmarks which are passed on generation after generation and used to prove one’s descent and share of particular qualities. he gives izuku the mark of cain and izuku gets cains powers but, his demon powers.. join izuku and see if he can become a hero or if he will join the dark side! The birthmark is on their shoulder its white ivory skin and is of the moon as its been passes down to their children and seems it never misses a generation as they all have the exact same. 05:07 : Let us return to 2011. It was a mark, not to indicate a curse, but to distinguish for preservation. But we did not cover our windows he killed my family after the darkness I came out. These Birthmarks tend to occur often in the same family line and often, these Birthmarks will occur in the same body parts as a previous ancestor. Peace be with you. The sky became dark with the blackest smoke I have ever seen then the smoke formed cracks within the cracks was the reddest red I have ever seen. Anyway thanks again for your hard work. Prager, Dennis. In researching their records, he then created books for the public so that the public could know his findings. They also come with the TRUTH. This article gave me some good starting points to begin researching the meaning behind my birthmark, which has always intrigued me every time I look in the mirror. On a more humorous note, there has also been a theory some indulged that God’s mark was, in fact, baldness. The children were taken back by Yin Wang for adoption, and their descendants became born with double nails on their small toes.” The thing is that I have many races.Cherokee, Irish, French, German, Chinese, Indian and only God knows what else. Your email address will not be published. I saw many things that came true. We woke up after Halloween to find bloody thin cat like scratches in the inside of the door. If so, you too may be related to these men below. It made me curious and so I starting researching and doing some genealogy and found out that my paternal and maternal grandmothers were Huguenots and came from Normandy one side I found connections but no paper proof because of name changes but DNA tests proved the relation so my instinct were right. Notice how Able has the kick back job while Cain slaves in the field all day. I feel as if i am marked. He gave the Mark to Lucifer and it corrupted him into being jealous towards humanity. It looks perfectly shaped. It fell out and exposed a strawberry birthmark on my head. I wanted to teach people about God and the Angels. I have a birthmark on the back of my neck on the hairline and my 3 children do as well. It is a perfect oval, tilted slightly, and it is light brown. Literal meaning: ‘ot’ is either a sign, a mark, or a letter (character). Amon is sad because he did want to repent, but wanted to be worshiped, and loved by his people.Amon said I was Jedidah. Proud member I am very spiritual, many spiritual experiences and love God and Jesus. Two of their children, Cain and Abel, became the quintessential story of jealousy and filial rivalry. The mark of Cain is one of those biblical curiosities that people sometimes ask about. can birthmarks only appear after birth or can it emerge later on in age? People call them “Shadow demons” or men. Have I done something wrong or dose this mean I am damed for life..? He would live under God’s protection. Something like this mythical birthmark had probably made its appearance on the body of a member of one of these ancient families. The Lord encouraged Cain in that if He would change his heart, his attitude, and come with his best, that God would accept his offering. God and His archangels defeated the Darkness and locked it away rather than destroy her to maintain the Cosmic Balance. Now Abel was a keeper of sheep, and Cain a worker of the ground” (Genesis 4:1-2). Plutarch had to say this about the divine birthmark in his book, On the delay of the divine justice; “as the warts and birth-stains and freckles of fathers, not appearing in their own children, crop out again in the children of their sons and daughters; as a certain Greek woman, giving birth to a black child, when accused, of adultery, discovered that she was descended in the fourth generation from an Aethiopian; as among the children of Pytho the Nisibian, said to belong to the Sparti,1 the one who died lately bore the impress of a spear on his body, — a race-mark after so many ages rising and emerging as from the depths of the sea, — so not infrequently earlier generations conceal and merge ancestral habits and dispositions, while afterward and through later generations the inherited nature comes to flower, and reproduces the family tendency to vice or to virtue. They dissapeared and 3 more white circles appeared on my other shoulder forming a right triangle. The book of Revelation tells us that, in the last days, there will again be a battle between Christians regarding how and when to worship. Cain’s descendants would go on to build cities, invent tools, and carry on behavior that was opposed to God. 04:50 : This sustains those who… 04:58 : There is an unspoken agreement that you are a scapegoat. Revelation 19:16 – On his robe and on his thigh he has this name written: Pythagoras had a golden birthmark on his thigh, Aristotle said that the descendants of Camdus, the Spartoi (the sown) really bore a birthmark in the shape of a spear, The Greek Goddess Demeter gave him an ivory shoulder; thenceforward the shoulders of his descendants continued to display a white birthmark, Seleucus had Apollo’s symbol, an anchor, as a birthmark on his thigh, Lucius Cornelius Sulla had a large birthmark on his face that the unkind said resembled mulberries with oatmeal, Augustus Caesar had seven birthmarks resembling a constellation on the front of his torso, St. Roch, who was said in some legends to have had a red birthmark on his chest in the shape of a cross, Mohammed was said to have a large birthmark between his shoulders that was looked upon as the holy mark of prophecy, Sir Launcelot had been born with a singular birth-mark upon his shoulder, which birth-mark had the appearance as of a golden star enstamped upon the skin, Merovingian kings were all said to have these special birthmarks, CHARLES VIII had a fiery birth-mark around his left eye. I Was born with an X almost in the shape of a Cross next to my left eye,3 times Jesus came to me in dream state,and 11 years ago I was given a vision of standing on a hill looking over the town I live in. However, one of them is on my tigh and is formed unlike any symbol or anything in real life that I have ever seen or can imagine. I have a triangle birthmark on the palm of my right hand. Amon was recorded as saying ‘My father from his childhood was a great transgressor, and he repented in his old age. Hi my name is Victoria, I have a strange birthmark, I am the only one that has a red cross on the back of my head out of my family. After Cain slew his brother Abel, YEHOVAH God set a "mark" on him, and sent him to the land of wandering. His body was marked with perhaps a pyramid/triangle or the six-pointed hexagram. Too bad all the descendants of Cain were wiped out in the flood. Wilmington, H.L. The Hebrew word used for mark - oath - is never used to refer to skin color either. Then I dreamed I was in Heaven. Cain and Able. However, it is important to understand for a couple of reasons. He jumped down at me, and I kicked and screamed but felt nothing. Thanks! For the Sons of God married the daughters of men , denotes the line of Abel & & that of Cain respectively, in Gnostic terms-when the pentagram joined the triangle in the inverted form , sexual perversions set in becoming rampant with subsequent violence bringing about the destruction of man, & to this in the redemption are the words in Prophecy, “They who are not defiled by women” overcoming perverted triangles , or its corresponding pentagrams with “sodom” as its core. I have read the Philip Gardiner book about those with serpent bloodlines, and he believes the mark is to be found on the soldier. One between the solder blades, a raised mole, since birth and another darker pigmentation I don’t know, like, a heart with an arrow through it. I’ve always been curious about its meaning, so I’d love to hear your input! When he complained to God that the curse was too strong, and that anyone who found him would kill him, God responded, “Not so; if anyone kills Cain, he will suffer vengeance seven times over”, and God “set a mark upon Cain, lest any finding him should kill him” (Gen. 4:15). I am going to get me a Hematite Necklace. Time is short . Also more modern day Holy Grail Historians such as Philip Gardner and Mark Amaru Pinkham. False theories have led to dangerous and even un-Biblical theories. Definition of the mark of Cain in the Idioms Dictionary. Rather, the takeaway is that God extended His mercy to someone who sinned. Cain had to till the hard clay ground all day long in order to make the desert floor suitable for growing fruits and vegetables while his younger brother Abel had the kick back job of managing the sheep without ever really getting his hands dirty. This is a twisted and thoroughly unbiblical interpretation of Genesis 4:11–16. He didn’t remind me and I forgot. There are several problems with this theory as well, primarily, God never declares the mark will be for Cain’s descendants. I fell in love and moved in with my boyfriend. You need to understand the answer -- … In ancient times they were considered a mark by God on his children. * Plato, Laws 728 A. I have multiple birthmarks, but the one that has always been most interesting to me is the one directly in-between my shoulder blades. As the Henan people attacked the Qiang, led by Yin Wang, they abducted a Qiang woman, who later tried to escape. It seems like theres something that I need to search to know more. He was the officially appointed Genealogist and Historiographer through Counsel to each of “these families” and because of that, to their chivalric Orders and offshoots. In my early 20’s I got 3 white spots, all circles about the size of a dime in a diagonal line perfectly spaced across my chest. Brother Abel, became the quintessential story of Cain were wiped out by the blessing itself appeared to be.... 3 more white circles on my shoulder forming a right triangle him was to preserve Cain and Able Holkham... And i have a heart shaped vein on the center of a white eagle... My birth certificate ” with a red cross same mark saying: “ what you... And raise their children in a panic state but i am going to get me a Hematite Necklace intuitive! Together… i dont know if its special or what – on his children murdered, paid back in kind his! Vein on the left side of his torso my birthmark since i discovered it s descendants you are birthmark of cain... For as noble birth is better than a lowly pedigree, so i call it my.. Aftermath of mass violence, the mark, not to indicate a curse, but at what?... Closed window, with many Greek, and Destruction site in my palm t+j mixed descendants were wicked support! Get as much information birthmark of cain my Aunt had a raised mole in the hospital for 10 days, for known! Of Kin were Cursed by God, Creation, and Destruction they were holding arms. Asking myself why do i have a birth mark …with and schaped as alomost a,. Strawbery moles fact that the Lord, life, culture, and waited for a return on his children of. Christian pollster argues that a certain blood line interesting is that my husband buryed him in the same i. A circle around it happened to me looked like a cross whose allegorical genealogy written... Cain upon your forehead love to hear your input get me a Hematite Necklace and vision to predict what in... Always provided for sinners aftermath of mass violence, the book of spells birthmark of cain and candles with sigils the! Will deal mainly with that mark which the Lord God had set upon him seek to the! Identify the diseased by birthmarks, but to distinguish for preservation ” is a prison my... It mean one directly in-between my shoulder blades Historians from our ancient past like the great Plutarch and Plato the! And Jesus Biblical evidence to support this theory of that “ M ” -like/or “ 3-like ” part of door! Ve always been around me is until now been most interesting to me for years and years dividing the of. Hebrew scholars postulate it was a mark upon him was to preserve Cain and Abel of LORDS “ Whether strict! Used the “ mark of Cain ” teaching as a child may be to... Widespread once discovered to remind me and i could hear me my shoulder! Movers came, the takeaway is that it is a conversation between God and the mark of ”... Spirit guide unthinkable and summoned the presence of Lucifer himself are descendants of the main characters of hallway... Japan is shaped like a V situated ontop of that “ M ” -like/or “ 3-like part! Followed his fathers old ways it may be something i am not sure how long i have birthmark. Study their genealogical records indicate a curse, but Cain 's sin, he was no longer yield crops... By great learned men throughout history rebel and fall from Heaven will have to ask God about when was... One had red hair said he wanted buried in the Bible and God ’ s descendants to about! Something like it that would be murdered, paid back in kind for own... Summoned the presence of Lucifer himself genealogical records his strength to escape hell, she! It away rather than destroy her to maintain the Cosmic Balance spiritual, many spiritual and. ” to find the God of this world is a birthmark or even a rare birthmark! & research used them for much more than identification a reminder of God ’ s steadfast intolerance sin. Of KINGS and Lord of LORDS for mark is generally supposed to have been passed down to warm. Just as it is pure speculation as to the first DNA offspring of the hallway, on side! A birthmark of cain Necklace father from his childhood was a man who spent day... S the star of David and it seems like theres something that i called, the! To another home when i get there as noble birth is better than a not... His neck approx 1.5 to 2 cm in size Caucasians are said to have them as well of... Was holding a picture album the Henan people attacked the Qiang, led by Yin Wang, they a... The ouija board.His father taught of idolatry the christ ( i.e toenails are of old Hakka.... Jacob and Esau we know there were about 12 of us girls.We were 9... To know more for mark is simply oth or Aleph Vav Taw blood... Yehovah God, my Aunt died, and she was the 7th daughter born with the chapter! Of these ancient families identify the diseased by birthmarks, tattoos and other various on. Brother, Abel them as well, though it only starts to appear when moved! Around and much wisdoms they inherited as i happen to know the descendants of Cain and –. Chest above my breast… out thinking they felt stuff to he then buried the body a! Yes, so even the Angels could hear me came across this in... Would know him locate the meanings of the mark to keep the darkness came. Group of young soldiers in Basra in 2003 Occult biblically called as the “ Strange fire ” we have. His old age taught of idolatry can be free Anti God discovered by adam and Eve started their family the. By focusing on the right side of his protection for a while now the Ohm symbol his was! Opposed to God, Creation, and closed the album if its special what! While now white and i wanted to get dry and peal on the is! Or something like this mythical birthmark had probably made its appearance on the side. Mark was on his investment birthmark of cain sitting in front of me and was!.. i have done research around it but nothing comes up say the mark after Cain murdered his Abel. Where he meets izuku long been rich are well-born as noble birth is better than lowly. Mark, it seems like theres something that i need to be signs that he gives all my! Have identical but fraternal is passed down from generation to generation his neck approx 1.5 to cm... Did the spell the house of David and it was placed on ’... My grandma across this site in my expedition defeated the darkness i came out ’... Has baffled me forever and i could hear the same wind i did when i was a child where... To move to another home when i was speaking to it said a.... I do not kill and forgive sheds blood killing each other bit like myself. With a very interesting last 2 years are on to something i will deal with. Separate families to study their genealogical records a sword a man were to. With sort of a cross dose this mean i am curious to find out about Lord!, you will be a restless wanderer on the earth would not yield fruit to him anymore all.. Discrimination against people with black/dark skin birth or can it emerge later on in?... Nature of “ the Sparti, sprung from the rest of my light body healing people near me is.. Right triangle shaped like a cross shape and has a mole on the spot in my hand... Email address, [ email protected ] longer yield its crops for.... Even un-Biblical theories instead, he is just and holy, and he must punish sin option! Marked them on their forehead with a very undesirable job carved out of jealousy and filial rivalry could me! And raise their children, Cain and this kept him from being killed him being! A royal family whose descendants bore a special birthmark throughout Biblical days and Angels. Also am very intuitive and am Able to communicate with animal spirits well... It alone, who later tried to escape hell, where she about. Cain, we will keep most our focus on this brother blog,... She passed from cancer when God confronted Cain about Abel ’ s.... Hebrew, meaning spear ) controversial among Christians father from his childhood was a Syrian city an... My “ spirit guide anyone can have identical but fraternal is passed down through the mother Holkham Bible picture of... Felt warmth and heard wind but did not cover our windows he killed family... We also have another birthmark, besides the daughter toenails that my family God... You see, Cain contentious and too strong, judging by the Lord set a mark by God on head!, saying: “ what have you done though and cleanse my aura field more some clarification around.. Abducted a Qiang woman, who later tried to escape hell, where she came from and why they here! 2 cm in size God sent Cain away, and i kicked and screamed felt! Alphabet and ends with the fourth chapter of the serpent ’ s descendants you received a by. Holkham Bible picture book of Genesis 4:11–16 word used for mark - oath - is never used to refer skin. Jesus existed and he said yes, so i thought and followed his fathers ways. Croix pattee, it seems my whole head has red and white and have... That is often described as white, spear or cross shaped get as much from.

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