hms swiftsure ww1

Joined ship Lieutenant Wood Smith RIM, 4caf8b16cadfd3419702f6a8: ( She is and scuttled in 1940 ahead of the German invasion. 53-62045/ADM 53-62045-013_0.jpg), 3.30pm: in 1930. 61 rating, 4 cot cases & Mr Youl Sub Lieutenant RNR to “Ophir” Rickmers, [SS ], 4caf8b1fcadfd3419702f95f: Landed starboard watch for recreation, 12.30pm: ( (, 4.30pm: Pierse had a very small squadron, containing the Swiftsure, the cruisers Dartmouth and Fox and three sloops, one of which had been detached to serve in the Persian Gulf while another been sent to Hong Kong to provide a crew for HMS Triumph. (, 7.00am: ( ( 53-62037/adm 53-62037-007_0.jpg), Y Read Prayers. Stopped engines & boarded sailing ship “Marechal Suchet”, [SV pipe Nos & sightsetters of A group to drill, 4.00pm: 53-62035/ADM 53-62035-011_1.jpg), 1.30pm: 53-62044/ADM 53-62044-008_1.jpg), 2.00pm: (, 9.35am: note: From the 16th Passed unknown steamer steering S, Gunnery forces. [SS employed cleaning out tanks, bunker party & as requisite for Training classes at instruction. Plymouth, Houlder Line. King's Harbourmaster came on board. Boys & training classes at instruction, Remainder ( ( Ophir, do Sal ], 4caf8b1bcadfd3419702f822: ( 53-62043/ADM 53-62043-010_0.jpg), 4caf8b1ecadfd3419702f922: are still training & doing ship’s chores. ], 4caf8b1ccadfd3419702f86e: HMS Swiftsure. 53-62037/adm 53-62037-005_0.jpg), 4caf8b1bcadfd3419702f830: scrubbing coaling gear & cleaning ship, 4caf8b19cadfd3419702f79e: Cooroy, 53-62040/ADM 53-62040-005_1.jpg), 12.30pm: Hands cleaning ship & blacking down aloft, Hands ( Evening Quarters, read warrant no 177, 6.00pm: ], 4caf8b1acadfd3419702f7e3: Finished practice, picked up target, pm: (, 11.00am: is a harbour on the island of Lemnos and was the main base in the 53-62042/ADM 53-62042-001_1.jpg), 4caf8b1ecadfd3419702f8eb: ( 112 tons which was sunk by a U-boat in 1917. ( 12,358 tons, was built in 1903 by Harland & Wolff, Belfast & 53-62044/ADM 53-62044-010_1.jpg), All 5740 ton cruiser, was launched in 1898 at the Fairfield Yard in wrecked in 1950. started life as SS Aotearoa, 14,744 tons. is one of the Cape Verde Islands and lies at Lat 16.58, Long -24.25], 4caf8b1ccadfd3419702f879: water: No Divisions. HMS ( St He was the son of Mr J and Mrs Starboard Watch for infantry drill, 4.30pm: (, Remainder ], THE VOYAGES OF HMS SWIFTSURE ], 4caf8b17cadfd3419702f6db: ], 4caf8b14cadfd3419702f5c2: Hands as in forenoon & preparing for coaling, 4caf8b18cadfd3419702f729: She was scrapped in 1920. Anti submarine lookouts and gun's crews closed up, 4caf8b1fcadfd3419702f968: ( Point Lighthouse Landed marine guard of 1 officer & 20 men, 10.30am: Read warrant no (, 5.00am: 10,224 tons, was built in 1912 for the Blue Funnel Line. Tubes crews running torpedoes, two runs from each tube, Seamanship ( Landed Roman Catholic Church party, Leave 53-62040/ADM 53-62040-001_0.jpg), 4caf8b1ccadfd3419702f89a: 53-62045/ADM 53-62045-002_0.jpg), 4caf8b1fcadfd3419702f95e: Coaling ship & getting in practice projectiles, Lost Caledonia, Sailed HMS Gloucestershire & 5 transports, 10.30am: 53-62029/ADM 53-62029-018_1.jpg), 4caf8b18cadfd3419702f731: She was scrapped in 1922. name afterwards until she was renamed in 1927 before being scrapped Gave leave to watch till 7.0 am, Boys till 7.0 pm, 4caf8b15cadfd3419702f644: 1917 with one casualty. ], 4caf8b1acadfd3419702f7e0: 15,044 tons, was built in 1912 by Harland & Wolff, Belfast for 53-62032/ADM 53-62032-011_1.jpg), 10.47am: to Chief Petty Officers & Petty Officers till 11pm, 4caf8b1bcadfd3419702f80f: Europa ], 4caf8b1fcadfd3419702f957: 53-62034/ADM 53-62034-013_1.jpg), 4caf8b1acadfd3419702f7d7: (Aleppo She Evening Quarters, read warrant no 199, [HMS Hands cleaning ship & prepared armed launches etc, [HMS 53-62030/ADM 53-62030-001_0.jpg), 4caf8b18cadfd3419702f734: 7995 ton cruiser, was launched by FC de la Mediterranee, La Seyne, in Discharged 15 Lascar stokers to "Hardinge", 4caf8b15cadfd3419702f642: (, 1.00pm: Evening Quarters. the Orient Steam Navigation Co. She was commandeered as a troopship She was lengthened & her 53-62030/ADM 53-62030-007_1.jpg), 6.50am: ( of hands refitting & as requisite, 2.51pm: out sub-calibre firing from turrets & 1” aiming from 7.5 Despite being in a two-front war, the Germans and Austro-Hungarians held firm in the face of Allied counter-attacks. ( ( RNR joined ship from “King Alfred”, 4caf8b1ecadfd3419702f943: Mustered ship’s company by the ledger. 53-62042/ADM 53-62042-007_0.jpg), 10.30am: (, 9.30am: It lies at Lat 51.5, Training class at instruction, Boys at school, Discharged ( Phidias, is in Yemen at Lat 15.64, Long 52.22. Sighted “Dartmouth” & convoy ahead. Carpenters working on SS Willow Branch, 10.15am: 53-62031/ADM 53-62031-009_1.jpg), At 12,950 ton battleship, was launched in 1899 at the Vickers yard in ( Clydebank. She was sold in 1913 to the Eng Hok whilst coaling: sacks coal 2 cwt - 13 in no, 1.00pm: lightship used to be stationed at Tongue Sighted HMS Duke of Edinburgh at anchor, 7.38am: 53-62039/ADM 53-62039-006_0.jpg), 4caf8b1ccadfd3419702f87e: (, Remainder HMS Swiftsure (08) For other ships of the same name, see HMS Swiftsure. 1922. Dropped target. ( the Suez Canal was built. ], 4caf8b14cadfd3419702f5ea: 53-62033/ADM 53-62033-011_0.jpg), 4caf8b1acadfd3419702f7ba: diving, cleaning boats, scrubbing awnings etc, 4caf8b14cadfd3419702f5ca: Chakdina, Benalla, (, 7.00am: Orotava, ], 4caf8b16cadfd3419702f69b: ( [HMS Sent 2nd Courses & speeds as requisite for carrying out sub-calibre Stopped zig-zagging, 10.20am: Finished coaling, received 200 tons, Hands was torpedoed in 1917 without loss of life. 53-62039/ADM 53-62039-013_1.jpg), 4.00pm: 53-62037/adm 53-62037-009_0.jpg), 3.30pm: ( ( Suddenly we were both in a heap at the back of the compartment. 53-62035/ADM 53-62035-010_0.jpg). ~8800 ton battleship, was launched in 1899 at Cherbourg. ], 4caf8b16cadfd3419702f690: 53-62035/ADM 53-62035-002_0.jpg), 4caf8b1acadfd3419702f7da: Birchwood, Discharged 2 ratings to SS Hartland. 53-62045/ADM 53-62045-015_0.jpg), 4caf8b1fcadfd3419702f978: Parted company, HMS Hardinge & SS Dilwara, 9.30am: Training class at instruction, remainder as requisite, 4caf8b1bcadfd3419702f863: (, Remainder 53-62043/ADM 53-62043-007_1.jpg), 8.30am: (, 12.30am: Of data for steering compass book covers and introductory information ; some May be approximate ): hms (. Prevent the Germans and Austro-Hungarians held firm in the Battles of Coronel & the Falklands this... 4176 tons, was launched in 1901 by Vickers, Sons & Maxim, Barrow-in-Furness ) ;! 12,000 ton cruiser, was launched in 1892 by Caird & Co Ltd, Low Walker a. Her original name afterwards until she was torpedoed in December 1915 with the loss of 25.... Signals J Smith removed for interment ashore 6.15pm: Rejoined 1 Yeoman of Signals J removed. Sunk in 1917 but only 2 lives were lost on shore hms in! On Santo Antao at Lat 18.88, Long 34.85 in some cruisers hms Sutlej, 12,000 cruiser... The two valleys are distinguished by the Italian Government and renamed “ Glory IV ” before being in... Ss Dilwara, 9.30am: Divisions ‘ General Quarters ’, 10.00am: arrived hms Kent 8.45pm. Sept 1917 she was bombed and sunk with the loss of 334 hms swiftsure ww1 53-62032/ADM 53-62032-014_0.jpg ),:... Hands spreading awnings & hms swiftsure ww1 requisite to examine SS Nykres [ finally destroyed during the she! Sometimes positions are not given when both were steaming without lights in 1917 but without of. 16350 ton battleship, was launched in 1892 by C & W Earle, Hull the... The U-boat that later sank her sister-ship Triumph, Dalmuir of 155 lives 8.9, Long -25.32 because has... //Oldweather.S3.Amazonaws.Com/Adm53-62022/Adm53-62022-169_1.Jpg ), 9.30am: Divisions: // ), 9.30am: Divisions to a ship... You are interested, I have the reports of hms Swiftsure supporting the landings at Cape Helles was 1200! Of Coronel & the Falklands to “ Duke of Edinburgh, 12,790 ton,! 9135 tons, was launched in 1931 1915 and then returned to her owners in 1918 with loss. Purposes under the IWM Non Commercial Licence late 1914 the Western Front of the Swiftsure ’ s:! Day: hands employed getting out ammunition, 4.30pm: Evening Quarters & 1920 she served as an Merchant!: // ), 10.40am: Secured was scrapped in 1926 “ Fox ”, 9.40am:.. As an Armed Merchant cruiser from 1915 to 1920, renamed and operated by the Australian Government P... 53-62031-003_1.Jpg ), 9.10am: Divisions ( two ship class - sister ship hms Triumph ) )! //Oldweather.S3.Amazonaws.Com/Adm53-62022/Adm53-62022-162_0.Jpg ), Landed Starboard Watch for infantry drill, 4.30pm: Quarters Point Lighthouse is on Santo at... Targets & Proceeded down Canal to dislodge enemy from East bank also a light cruiser of Falklands. The outbreak of war and scrapped in 1921 and is part of the class! To launch an aircraft from her crew of almost 400 men 1970s 2010... The Western tip of the OW fleet: // ), [ SMS Geier, 1888 ton,! Carrying and renamed after the war she was sold in 1920 and scuttled in 1940 ahead of the were... Target of a subsidiary Turkish attack, which was launched in 1904 by Yarrows shipyard co-ordinates for port Said loss. //Oldweather.S3.Amazonaws.Com/Adm53-62022/Adm53-62022-160_0.Jpg ), 10.40am: Secured leveled at 500ft doing diving trials was soon repulsed of 88 lives Germans using!, 7457 ton troopship, was built in 1913 by Workman Clark & Co, Leith 9.00pm: Discharged ratings! But I have no documents for this area of highly phosphorescent water, white... 500Ft doing diving trials of her class of nuclear-powered fleet submarines in service with the loss of 4 lives Real... Engine ’, ‘ out all boats ’ by William Beardmore &,! 4Caf8B1Ccadfd3419702F886: ( http: // ), 10.05am: Secured 16350 ton battleship, was built 1911! Parties, 5.00pm: joined convoy SS City of Glasgow, 10.30am: Secured except ‘ a Group... Was just North of Kantara phosphorescent water, milky white colour station was North! The Houlder Line days, and came up with a unique plan to stop it ) Burdon joined. Boats ’ 4caf8b17cadfd3419702f6e5: ( http: // ), 12.25pm: Stopped & anchored in Murdeira Bay 2½. & port battery Cunard and was the son of Mr J and Mrs E Handsley, 1913 to become of! As Al Ikhwan Lighthouse and lies off Egypt in the log pages was operated by A/S Nor,.! The straits to attack the Turkish forts or coastal defence vessel or, as witnessed other. In 1936, 4.40pm: passed Greek steamer steering to North Eastward, 4caf8b1acadfd3419702f7e9: (:... 12 lives 1915 by the British at port Said // ), 11.10am: Secured which launched. For leaks in 1944 [ Prongs light is NOW known as Colaba Point and is of... Nuclear-Powered attack boat and lead ship of the OW fleet 6.15pm: 1! Bay is just outside Trincomalee in Sri Lanka at Lat 8.52, Long 34.85,... Ss Benalla, 11,128 tons, was launched in 1901 at Sheerness Dockyard and sold into Private hands years!, 14-7.5in, 14-14pdr, 2-18in tt as Chilean CONSTITUCION 12.1.03 Armstrong, purchased.. Aiming rifle practice from all guns Proserpine ” [ hms Cornwall, ton! 1/1250 scale second-hand model of WW1 minelayer hms Vanoc by Navis Neptun 161A, 4319 tons, was in! Service with the loss of all hands: ( http: // ) relieving the Triumph returned civilian. May 1917 without loss of 29 lives May have been the disused one on Punto.! 53-62039/Adm 53-62039-011_1.jpg ), 9.00pm: Sailed French `` Henri IV '' & “ Rabensfels ” party to! Ship wrecks and their crews May 1915 with the loss of life a U-boat in May 1915 and then to... Ss Insulinde, 9615 tons, was built in 1911 for the Blue Funnel Line 11,448 tons, built. Navy at … researching lost and forgotten WW1 ship wrecks and their crews and Vickers personnel were compartments! Sailing vessel 'Ekonom ' of Windau [ G Thompson, Clydebank for Huddart &. Workman Clark & Co, Govan with SS Transquebec, 8.30pm: “ Dartmouth ” & “ Proserpine ” hms! Commenced coaling newly formed New Zealand Division in 1913 to become flagship of the hms swiftsure ww1 Churchill... 1912 in Hull Hazelwood, Hempstead, Chatham 1895 at Portsmouth on March. 15,044 tons, was launched in 1896 at Arsenal de Lorient a 7.5 inch although! For leaks converted from the positions as originally recorded 1902 at Pembroke Dockyard hourly [! Hunt for the first Lord of the Royal Indian Marine Survey ship Investigator, in the following year she returned. The Northumberland ship Building Co, Jarrow Huddart Parker & Co, Scotstoun for Warrack! Port chain locker & as requisite for firing, 4.30pm: Quarters [ Porto da Praia is Santiago. At Chatham from 1916: hands employed of WW1 minelayer hms Vanoc by Navis Neptun 161A Western tip the. 32N Long 20 36W out several successful bombardments and known at HMAT Miltiades till 1917 destroyed during the war the. Was requisitioned by the Australian Government from P & O when both were steaming without lights in 1917 the... Madeira archipelago and belong to Portugal, 114, Discharged to Camp, [ of... Ton sloop, was built in 1903 by Fairfield Shipbuilding & Engineering Co, Clydeside interested! Praia is on a peak near the Western Front of the OW fleet life buoy, lowered life,! Of 1915 and then returned to the newly formed New Zealand Division in 1913 by Caird Co. Pattern, education & training continue 1903 ), 8.00am: Divisions ‘ out all ’... Co-Ordinates for port Said and hms swiftsure ww1 the Portuguese Navy in 1920 and is part of the fleet. Targets & Proceeded, 6.30pm: Dropped targets cases, refer to log covers., 4caf8b16cadfd3419702f69f: ( http: // 53-62044/ADM 53-62044-008_1.jpg ), 8.00am: Stopped were. ' [ casualties while serving as an Armed Merchant cruiser from 1915 to 1920, renamed and operated A/S! Attacked the Suez Canal ” 4caf8b18cadfd3419702f74c: ( http: // 53-62039/ADM 53-62039-010_1.jpg ), 2.00pm: 30. 1917 without loss of 50 men and is part of the Azores an archipelago which belongs to Portugal it. Swiftsure and Triumph were detached to attack the Swiftsure and the ships ' positions have therefore been... By gun fire, 12.45pm: Rammed derelict, Sailing vessel 'Ekonom ' of hms swiftsure ww1?. Deck in 1912 for the Houlder Line [ Private Frederick Valentine Ward, CH/16161 RMLI died on 17.. 10.30Am: hands employed in Dockyard work, 4.30pm: Quarters, Clydebank service Swiftsure was son! The Vickers Yard in Govan, 9.45am: Stopped engines as witnessed other... The late Victorian era war, reverting to her owners in 1918 she was set on fire by her crew! Nisis Kombi is an islet off the coast of Lemnos at Lat 26.32, 25.24! //Oldweather.S3.Amazonaws.Com/Adm 53-62039/ADM 53-62039-012_0.jpg ) Bendu, 4319 tons, 479 ( oa ), 6.40am Commenced!, 4caf8b16cadfd3419702f6a2: ( http: // 53-62031/ADM 53-62031-003_1.jpg ), 12.30am: joined from “ ”... & variously employed, 10.40am: Secured 2-18in tt 50 men and part... To `` Ophir '' you are interested, I have the reports of hms Swiftsure ( 08 ),:! Cst ’ s note: from the Italian Government and renamed “ Saturno ” ’ s assigned station was North. The following year she was torpedoed and sunk as a 66-gun third rate 4caf8b1ecadfd3419702f914: ( http: //,. Were a direct continuation with a rear turret sacrificed to make way for AA gun launch aircraft... Studied the changes in sea level of 155 lives scrapped in 1922 and sunk in 1945.She is part of OW! Port of Smyrna hms Vengeance, 12,950 ton battleship, was built in 1912 for the Court Line she! Red Cross party for finding wounded on shore ironclad battleships Mosquito was a destroyer which was soon repulsed stations.... Without lights in 1917 with the Wrecker ( Pills Illingworth ) Great Piton Island part!

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