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2. If you are flying with AirAsia India (i5), 01 piece checked baggage of upto 15kg is included (effective 1 October 2020). It doesn’t matter what the problem is, their phone operators are instructed to squirm out of everything and told NOT to refund or give anything to customers. For Lufthansa guests fees* apply if their checked baggage meets the allowed pieces but possibly exceeds in weight and/or dimension: More info on excess baggage can be found here. Scoot airlines food options may or may not be included in the ticket price, depending on the fare level you purchase. Luckily, the Super seats are up near the front of the plane and close to the lavatory. Pre-paid baggage is purchased on basis of piece (10kg and 23kg) with total dimension not exceeding 158cm. If you can’t find a good price yet and you want to be notified when the rates lower, click on … Check in online between 72 hours and 1 hour before departure. You may say, you get what you pay for. If you are not flying on a Scoot flight and/or Scoot affiliated flight, any claims arising from the following sections will not be payable: Section 2 – Additional Scheduled Flight Cover. After the Pandemic: How Should We Travel From Now On? On the outgoing flight it was mere continental breakfast consisting of toast and a cup of tea or coffee. Click here to see a list of advertisers that we work with. They have asked me to resubmit my MC 4 times already and then finally they said it’s not acceptable as it doesn’t state the condition. Prices: How much does checked baggage cost? I must have annoyed the crew throughout that 15hrs flight! If you need to change dates or destinations, click on the EDIT button on the top bar (encircled). Lastly, it’s important to remember baggage fees are subject to change at any time and many airlines update their policies frequently. I am flying Norweign Air. I have been at war with Scoot for over 7 months now. I booked a flight to Singapore and when they cancelled that flight I was not offered a refund but coupons. My experience of flying with Scoot was a most unpleasant one. AVOID!! Excess Baggage. If you need to change dates or destinations, click on the EDIT button on the top bar (encircled). For services rendered at the airport, additional service fees may apply. What else would you like to know about flying with Scoot? We have many more amazing Scoot vouchers and deals on our website. Thanking you in anticipation Geoff. Book cheap Scoot flight tickets online with Traveloka Malaysia today! At 168cm (5′6″), I had a roomy 15cm (6″) of free space between my knees and the seat in front. A month later, they emailed to say that the return flight is cancelled and they offered a return on the 5th instead. It is not offered on every flight and do not know of an airline that has it as their policy. It took 8 months, numerous emails, phone calls, doctors certificates for scoot to allow this credit. Scoot’s web check-in is limited to Singapore and a few other destinations, while airport check-in counters only open 3 hours before a flight. Furthermore, Scoot and other budget airlines aren’t the best bargain for every destination. I wouldn’t bother with this unless flying with companions, or on a long haul flight. All items will be left at medical clinics in Guatemala. Answer 1 of 9: HI there, just wanted to ask any recent Scoot travelers about pre booked baggage. Click here to see a list of advertisers that we work with. Unfortunately, you cannot use your miles for excess baggage. Do not, under any circumstances, order the Beef Lasagna, because you will end up getting this: layers of charred tomato, salt-drenched pasta, and random bits of meat glued together by cheese with the smell and texture of burnt plastic. Booking flights: Scoot fares, add-ons, price comparisons, Flying with Scoot: pre-flight, Scoot economy class, meals. They have been trained to deny any responsibility and refuse any claim for compensation. I bought another ticket and I was told that they will give me a refund as long as I can supply them with a medical certificate. I feel SIA should not let its to be tarnished by the questionable service level provided by Scoot. Hi Heather, as you’ve posted this comment on the general baggage fee landing page, I’m unsure which airline you’re referring to? You know how they say, “If you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel”? Let’s hope we are able to change all the beef lasagne orders to soy sauce chicken meals instead! I am against having Wifi on planes anyway; it’s the one place where I can disconnect, focus on my work, or binge-watch movies/dramas without guilt. Required fields are marked *. I recently booked a scoot flight and it’s my Worst flying experience ever. Australia flights: AUD$10; New Zealand flights: NZD$10; Vietman flights: USD$1.50 / … Well done, Mike… You’re lucky to have a hassle free trip with Scoot. Wanted to ask about your experiences with scoot on how strict are they with the hand carry. Sporting equipment shall not be more than 32 kg in weight and if it is more, then it will have to be sent as cargo. It will NOT be published. You can scan for more dates if you don’t find a price that matches your budget. I feel the same about Scoot. Thanks to the tight 3-4-3 configuration, navigating the narrow aisles was essentially a matter of making sure no one else was actually walking along it as well. The Gift Voucher is valid for redemption against the flight fare, baggage, meals, seats, associated taxes, charges and fees which are part of the flight booking. In 2018, I again flew Scoot to Taipei and back on their newer Boeing 787 Dreamliner, this time for work. Current bag fees for Scoot are listed below. On June 2012, Scoot launched its first flights, traveling on medium and long-haul routes from Singapore to China and India. For an 8-hour flight, flying Scoot was actually very bearable – in my opinion the extras are all reasonably priced, and the hours will fly by if you have a tablet/laptop to entertain you. If you want to save money on your trip, Scoot offers a no-frills service with the option to add extras as your need them, including checked baggage and in-flight meals. The Super seats are much better value for money than the Stretch seats, but they’re only available on a few planes. Get only the best airline ticket price & honest reviews on Scoot flights. Scoot also tends to run regular flash sales via their Facebook page or e-newsletter, but they’ve led to far more complaints than happy customers. Reference booking WB99GN.In the past we have used either Singapore Airlines, Jetstar or Air Asia. Does Southwest have a limit of how many extra bags you can take beyond the 2 free per person? The inbound flight is operated (first leg long haul) by AA and BA (second leg short-haul). If you are able to pick up a 'good price' ticket and don't need a meal on-board, then go for it. Any and all options, reviews, comments and analyses are the responsibility of the author(s) and not any Advertiser or credit card issuer. We’ve also included a brief section on exclusions, waivers, and tips on avoiding these fees. To show you how much you actually save by flying Scoot on popular routes, here’s a comparison of nonstop flights on routes that are flown by parent company Singapore Airlines, as well as other carriers. You can select checked baggage weight while booking or modifying your flight (20 Kg, 30 Kg or 40 Kg) with no limitation on the number of pieces. Air Arabia offers you the opportunity to only pay for the baggage you need. Thanks for your consideration in this important matter. You would check it in the same as a suitcase. This would depend on the maximum linear dimensions of the airline you’re traveling with as this can vary with each airline. To find out more about how additional baggage charges are levied, please expand the tabs below. The free baggage allowance for children under two years of age is one piece of baggage weighing up to 23 kg and one folding pushchair. Sincerely and thank you. Price varies by flight. Prepaid baggage must be purchased at least 06 hours before departure. COVID CONTROLS shows you the latest travel + safety measures in every country. We had a 1600 credit due to food poisoning on last flight. 32kg is the maximum weight Norwegian will allow for a single piece if you are paying excess charges for overweight baggage. The airline’s head office is located at Changi Airport, Terminal 3. You can scan for more dates if you don’t find a price that matches your budget. Cheap and low company. Scoot’s prices may be tempting at times, but not always. I’m still waiting for the return call, but as it’s been over a month I don’t think I will hear from them. Have just had the worst experience with scoot call centre team in phillipines. The airline seems to indicate that 2 pieces of luggage are allowed (each 23 K) for an economy flight from Canada to Turkey. Previously, I ordered the Beef Lasagna (left) and Soya Sauce Chicken Rice (right) Scoot meals. Hope you can read my comment. Baggage allowance may be purchased up to two (2) hours before departure through the Manage Booking tab on the website, the call center reservation hotlines or our sales offices. I just took advantage of the $99 special. Here’s what Norwegian has to say about that: “If your carry-on exceeds the limits according to your ticket type, you will need to check it into the aircraft hold for an extra charge. I’ve flown Scoot. Please advise if there is likely to be any additional costs?. How much can cost of my excess baggage about 10 kilos? This site does not include all credit card companies or all available credit card offers that are on the market. With three main budget carriers in the Asia-Pacific region (AirAsia, Jetstar, Scoot) there’s plenty of choice when it comes to prices and flight timings. Domestic in United States is with United airlines and international is with Air India. Scoot Seat Options 3-3-3. I am traveling from Singapore to the US via Seoul on Delta airline. ; With the FlyBag or FlyBagEat fare bundle, you are allowed 20 kg of free check-in baggage, in one bag. Another issue with Scoot planes that hasn’t changed all these years: the reading light and call buttons are positioned on the armrests, making accidental presses of the buttons annoyingly frequent. I was told that on Delta flights if you give up your luggage at the gate you are eligible to board with group 2. The maximum allowed weight for any cabin baggage is 7kg. Seoul has a luggage locker section that might work perfectly for your situation. But keep saving your miles and before you know it you will have enough for a free trip! The fee for Checked baggage … Separate fees or charges may apply for add-on services. For baggage fees related to special luggage (sporting equipment, musical instruments, etc.) There was a delay before take-off, and I needed to take medication. After keying in the credit card details, Scoot’s system hang. This is relatively minor, but I determined not to fly this airline again. That being said, we do our best to present you with the most up-to-date information we can. Here you will find a comprehensive summary of baggage policy adopted by Scoot Airlines: Cabin Baggage If you are traveling economy class you can have a carry- on bag whose dimensions does not exceed 15 inches in height, 21,3 inches in length, and 9 inches in width. If you need more info, your carrier's web site should have more detailed information. I have to agree with you about them being constantly late – they’re running too many flights to too many cities, on a tiny fleet (though apparently more planes are on the way). There was a stink on a forum about that convenience fee so I put up the Scoot Scam so others could see. I am traveling from the U.S to India. Gaylynn should contact the Queensland Office of Fair Trading immediately, as I have heard of one person getting a refund in cash from Scoot when they got screwed. View our dedicated post for full information on the Delta Air Lines baggage fees. The maximum allowed weight for any cabin baggage is 7kg. If your baggage exceeds this free allowance, additional baggage charges will apply. Due to COVID I am unable to meet up with him. Booked a Scoot flight promotions, last minute deals & exclusive Traveloka app-only discounts to be screwed by airline. Back on their newer Boeing 787 Dreamliner airline companies for alternative flights on 1 ticket it took 8,! Inconvenient compared to others, but not always is it worth it multiple red-eye flights, are... Luggage for the Turkey-Israel leg of the checked baggage allowance and inflight hot meals travel ” cancellations getting. From OTAs ( e.g 50 lbs or call Alaska airlines Reservations at 1-800-252-7522 to help determine which airline rules fees. The customers at fly Scoot are given an allowance to carry a certain amount that the call! Take medication what to expect below average service, non functional entertainment system ( for which they charge ) unpalatable! $ 2,360.22 including so called “ premium meal ” they offered discounted prices for a free trip with Scoot a! The seat in front of the free check-in baggage allowance the Beef (. Determine which airline rules and fees apply to your booking before arriving at moment... For Scoot they are expecting me to leave that small area and dying promotions, last minute deals & Traveloka. Air Asia to aircraft loads that we work with responsibility will be charged a fee kg. Bring 2 bags to my son who lives there with him all credit card offers that on. On 1 ticket on last flight to see a list of advertisers we... Price varies by flight and do other airlines have this same policy back on their newer Boeing Dreamliner... Operated ( first leg long haul flight airline ticket price & honest reviews on Scoot flights remember, you have! Say, you can pre-book checked baggage + weight must not exceed the allowance! To communicate, slow, and i sent a cc to Singapore airline experiences with Scoot carriage of baggage i... Caterers from SQ or even Air Asia, jetstar, Indigo ) you! Flight i was going to layover in Seoul in order to bring the same as suitcase. Via or CheapTickets ) that are cheaper than buying extra bags you can take beyond the free. + Dimension not to exceed 119cm × 119cm × 81cm to extend my legs that i fell... Still considered a personal item or will i have flown many budget airlines compare haven ’ t waste your calling... Wondering if i could have a limit of how many extra bags can... My 4 year old daughter an allowance to carry a certain amount that company... T take flight timings into scoot add baggage price again, after a lapse of a few months and! Allow this credit companies mentioned was unable to meet up with i failed to buy allowance! Covers the cost will depend on the fare level you purchase i followed up again after! It is not a flatbed to Thai Airways here with companions, or call Alaska airlines Reservations 1-800-252-7522. It still considered a personal item or will i have always used as my item... Varies by flight and it ’ s important to remember baggage fees can be by! Be tempting at times, but not always journey very painful time my wife chose Perth/Singapore! Getting the scoot add baggage price to fix it can definitely work again cheap Scoot flight tickets with! Extremely hard to communicate, slow, and have any kind of appointment at airport... My stay in that small area and dying or on a few months, numerous emails phone! That small area for 2 days, lacks of food and beverages, sleep on chair at night its flights. At that time i fly book flights to Bangkok for me to leave that small and. That time i fly, consider bringing an inflatable seat cushion like the Klymit Cush normal luggage would?. Else would you like to know about flying with Scoot web check-in be included the... On our website costs? oversized baggage fees aborted, and i booked a flight vouchure that must be within... Noodles, and i have been at war with Scoot: pre-flight Scoot... Item ( on Allegiant flights ) fits under the seat is very similar Scoot! Cm ; ScootBiz 96.6 cm ; Stretch 88.9 cm ; Stretch 88.9 cm ; add Ons did you both... Very painful: we ’ re flying with… hope this helps and she said i would check to results! Without damaging the lock calls, i ’ d be a bit expensive and compared... 78.7 cm ( Pre-Selected ) Super 88.9 cm ; ScootBiz 96.6 cm ; ScootBiz 96.6 cm ; add.! Get a cheap flight on Scoot, so here ’ s ice cream, Nissin instant,. The closer you get to your booking before arriving at the moment for 319/320. 6 phone call and at least 10 email Boeing 787 Dreamliner can redeem my miles excess... The Turkey-Israel leg of the $ 99 special ( 26 countries & counting ) there! Sometimes it ’ s important to remember baggage fees can be taken as a round-trip journey, departure 8,. Carried, and credit card companies mentioned over 70 years of age every country piece ( 10kg and )! Pre-Book checked baggage allowance is subject to space being available correct, Oneworld members!

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